Those who WON'T be maining Evoker: Thoughts on the Soar change?

If that was the case, fair enough. The problem with that is that they told us the reasoning explicitly. And it’s not that.

You made type for RBGs? And sorry to say but when my warrior had its triple heroic leap that was 10x as OP in BG than soar would be if it were in one.

One time I got flag, got the speed ting in tunnel, then heroic leaped once, twice and a third time almost all the way across the map by that point, then get into the second speed thing in tun and capped.

And so many other times were the triple heroic leap was OP. Soar is no where near what that used to be.

And how a DH can glide, then do double fel rush too. In small spaces that stuff is way too overpowered.

You know how many websites and youtube videos talk about it? How could you be that much in the dark? Even the FORUMS whinged about it.

I wish the people freaking out about this would instead turn their ire towards getting something back that everybody could use.

Like Have Group, Will Travel.

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You can only scream into the void about something until your voice for it goes hoarse. Pretty clear we’ll never get anything like that back.

Speaking of which, one more little peep into the void.

I’m very disappointed that we haven’t had any additional communication from Blizzard on the topic, even if just to further explain and justify this peculiar choice. It really detracts from the fantasy of being a dragon if flying as yourself is a neutered option.

It is likely for the “Don’t feed it - let it die” approach. If the community outrage dies off then the reasoning doesn’t need to be further justified.

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To be honest I wouldn’t mind if Soar was a viable alternative to Dragonriding or if Dragonriding came to the rest of the game. Who honestly gives a flying …xuk?


You’re preaching to the choir bud

Whoever green lit the change honestly just comes off as a hyper control oriented sort, which is frankly speaking why WoW is losing to FFXIV nowadays. The Devs are so worried on whether on not you can do something, they don’t stop to think why you want to do that in the first place.

FFXIV gets that and is very light on the controls on that front. They have their rules, but the refreshing and most important thing about them? The classes and their abilities don’t flip arbitrarily, every. xukking. expansion.

A DRK is a DRK is a DRK. Paladin doesn’t go from Auto-Attacker to Sometimes cross-dressing in cloth armor Healer, to ‘very much a Support Healer’ to ‘Ret and Wreck’ to ‘Holy Power for all!’ to ‘Lady Moonberry’s Glitter Spreader’ to ??? —(what they make it after they lose enough subs).

The humorous part is when they try to convince us "No no! This was the plan all along!"

Come on chaps. The playerbase is dense, but not that dense and it’s a 20+ year old playerbase now give or take, most of which is twice the age of the developers. I swear Blizzard Devs vs. the Playerbase reminds me of this nowadays.

I’ve mentioned this before somewhere but the change likely was implemented to make their dragonriding customizable drakes “worth” more. If Dracthyr had a mount equivalent to a dragonriding drake they likely wouldn’t waste - oops I’m sorry, spend… time grinding out that customization unlock.

Once the expansion is over and dragonriding is implemented in azeroth (they heard us and they listened - woo) THEN they will likely make soar the equivalent.

That’s how I see it unfortunately. I plan on trying out an evoker and actively not use Soar as much as possible to help promote that nerfing the racial killed it. It would be a sad thought but I honestly don’t see the point of using it when I should just mount up anyways.

Correct if I’m wrong, as I’ve only had middling interest at best on the beta. But aren’t the dragonriding talents across the board account-wide now? Additionally given the lore of the Drakthyr and how pretty much everyone seems to want them to be ‘Dragonkin’ in essence, I have to wonder how much difficulty would it really of been for the Developers to make the Dragonriding mounts serve as the Drakthyr’s “Dragon Flight Forms”?

Then there would be no inequality on unlocks and what have you. Drakthyr unlock the form to fly in, and use an invisible rider like say Tarecgosa’s Visage and Sandstone Drakes, while other players unlock the models for the purposes of their mount?

Seems like a wasted chance to me is all, and that’s a major part of why I have so little interest in WoW now. If a random person like me can come up with a solution like this in 30 seconds, why can’t industry professionals?

It doesn’t seem that daunting and more a case of flags and switches you program.

Sometimes it’s all about money and playtime. Gotta get on that grind and keep the base engaged and enraged.

I think keeping a base enraged for 20 years is failing them then. It’s bred in me a “I don’t even give two craps” now, because I’m more focused on giving said craps to the toilet. :rofl:

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The problem with not soaring to protest is that if enough people do it all Blizzard will get from it is “People hate soar lets remove it”

Man, these dragons can soar in outland at 500000% speed, who cares.

Birds gather all the time, why not

I would have been fine before speed nerf

As for the latest changes:

I’m satisfied.

Thank you for listening, Blizzard, as facetious as our feedback often was.

Yep gonna try it out this evening after work but yeah, if it works like my brain is thinking I’m happy with it.