Those who WON'T be maining Evoker: Thoughts on the Soar change?

If I can’t be faster than you by default from being better, I demand a nerf.

Git gud nerd

Removed CD or whatever. It’s just as much of a gimmick racial as any other. Perhaps more useful than most, and that’s really kind of the meat of it.

Otherwise I’m more concerned there’s no blue skin option for visage form.

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For real tho. How they gonna just give us normie human options?

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who would want to use it over Dragonriding?


How is triple so much more outrageously advantageous than double that it warrants making the game less fun? Especially when considering all the other exclusive travel options that exist?

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Especially when every race will gain access to the mage class come DF.

I think if you haven’t played an Evoker in Alpha, then having thoughts on this is absurd.

This is just a bunch of people getting riled up because streamers told them to be.


What signs were those?

Dodgson! Lewis Dodgson, you’re under arrest for buying dino-eggs instead of taming dinos like Ark intended.
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No? Reading a dev post did due to their bogus reasoning.


Okay, so how did your personal experience with Soar change before and after this?

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I haven’t watched any so-called “content creators” on the topic. I’m simply going by what Blizzard told us. Which is that they made this less fun because they think we’re going to whinge about it in the future. Which doesn’t give me a good impression about what they think of the community, nor what they’re willing to do to “combat” us. It’s an antagonistic philosophy.

Again, I really don’t care about the mechanics of the change. I just question the necessity at all, and their stated philosophy is disheartening.


You ain’t getting normal flying in DF for a while.

Well them going backwards with the feedback sure effected me. Glad they got all that positive feedback only for them to nerf it.


Did you post your feedback in the alpha forums?

i think you shouldn’t get ‘normal’ flying … aka legacy flying … ever again tbh…

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Can’t post there. Not in alpha. Don’t need to be to know what I’ll like and what I won’t.

How did soar negatively effect you in the old world?

How did it effect you in the raids you can’t use it in?

How did it effect your pet battles?

I have no thoughts on Soar whatsoever because I haven’t played a Dracthyr.

And I don’t understand why other people who haven’t played a Dracthyr have any thoughts about this at all.

The alpha’s… what, 2 weeks old? It’s in its infancy. Of course things are going to change.

I might like the direction they’re going. I might not. I don’t know. And neither do you. That’s all I’m saying.


so can any class with the Sky Golem


Considering you already have racials that let you instantly teleport to other world locations (Dark Iron Mole Machine, Vulpera Camp), I don’t see a problem having a racial that’s also on a cooldown that lets you traverse large distances quickly, making it slower is mainly just questionable if it was fun.