Thomas Bates's Duskwood Thread

As you pass over the rickety creaky bridge, the wood’s color having faded from time and abandonment, you leave the golden hills of Westfall at your back to take in the strange gloom that envelops the canopy of the cursed forest beyond. A heaviness hangs in the air, weighing on your shoulders ever so slightly. And a tingle crawls slowly down your back, down each and every vertebra as you stand straighter in response. You are not alone. You don’t know how you know that, but you just know.

Welcome to Duskwood.

Greetings, Wyrmrest Accord! If you don’t know me allow me to introduce myself. I play Sir Thomas Bates, a ghost that haunts Duskwood. I’ve been trying to cultivate world RP in the zone for a little over a year now, and thought having a thread to answer people’s questions, offer updates, and just hang out would be a good idea!

Don’t be a stranger and feel free to meme too. This isn’t an IC thread, more a place for me to compile all the info I’ve given people in other threads and answer any new questions too. Stay spooky! :spider_web:


Re-Posting from Enekie’s LFRP thread, a basic overview of my RP character:

CHARACTER: Sir Thomas Bates of the Brotherhood of the Horse (Alliance, Cross-faction friendly)

Summary: Self-proclaimed ghostly guardian of Duskwood and restless wanderer, seems to always conveniently appear where he’s needed most

Likes: Almost all RP themes, Random Encounters, Long Term and Short Term partners

Dislikes: Risque themes. That’s about it.

Mirrors post lengths and is willing to help new roleplayers learn!

Lore Adherence: Yes please, though some creative and well executed lore bending is acceptable
Zone: Duskwood please come visit me in Duskwood please come visit me in Duskwood

Discord: Carnie#2510

RP Hook!: There’s a local legend told by the people of Darkshire about a spectral knight wearing the outfit of a First War soldier who appears on the roads at the stroke of midnight. They say he’s helpful, but it’s probably just a coping mechanism for a world weary townsfolk hoping that maybe, just maybe just one of the horrors lurking outside of town is on their side. Hope is a powerful thing…


Overview of Duskwood’s rp scene:


  • The Bright Guarde (A small group of mercenaries based in Darkshire seeking to help out Duskwood’s eternal troubles)
  • The Pact of the Grave (A budding neutral undead guild based in Raven Hill, trying to carve out a niche and life for themselves free from Horde and Alliance expectations)
  • Old Knight of Duskwood (That’s me, baby. I’m a one man guild c; )

RP Hot Spots!

  • Darkshire
  • Raven Hill
  • The Crossroad between Darkshire, Raven Hill and Stranglethorn Vale (A good location for cross-rp!)
  • The Twilight Grove (Also a good place for cross-rp and events!)


Most rp happens in the evenings, around 6pm server and going late into the night, unless one of the guilds is out of town for an event. Even then you can usually find a few non-guilded people lingering around most nights.


RP themes can range from light to dark, from tavern rp in Darkshire to spontaneous adventures, or a chance encounter with a certain ghost knight. There’s plenty to do for both visitors looking to mix things up and people who want to make this place their rp hub.


Bonus music: The Tale of Sir Bates. Written by Moon Shadowsoul, Composed by me, and sung by Jay the Bard!


I still wonder. Is Darkshire even still a populated town following the massacre by the traitors that was the Night Watch?

You’d think after everything that happened there; the town would be deserted. Murders, zombies, massacre, ghosts… Like, I’d argue nows the time to drop ship.


You quite literally read my mind - please exit the premises, it’s a mess and it embarrasses me.

But yes - mirroring Wenzli. I’ve felt as if Darkshire is closer to Moonbrook than it is Lakeshire these days. Do you have a take on the life and culture, Thomas?


Good questions! Well, the same question but asked twice. The answer is… wishywashy and inconsistent, as is all of WoW’s current lore. In Legion most of Darkshire was massacred in the Rogue questline, yet no other class sees this and the world was never updated to reflect this. But it definitely did still happen, and is indirectly acknowledged the next time Duskwood’s lore was updated, that being the Terror by Torchlight short story that was the prelude to the Exploring Eastern Kingdoms book.

This story does a few things for Duskwood as we know it in Shadowlands. One, Sarah Ladimore is the new commander of the Night Watch after Althea went AWOL and joined the Veiled Hand. Second, there must still be enough of a civilian presence in Duskwood for the Night Watch to worry about protecting Darkshire from a wave of zombies. We also know at the very least that gryphon services and the tavern still canonically function in Darkshire.

Then there’s pre-patch, and the Argent Crusade helping to drive back the Scourge from Darkshire. Not sure where that all comes into play, since it was just a re-hash of the Wrath pre-patch, but I like to think Darkshire was a strategic enough point to be targeted, implying that there’s still at least a military presence, if not a small civilian one too.

Hope that wasn’t too rambly and makes sense.


I gotta admit I used the massacre of Darkshire lore in Legion not to say the town was eradicated… but to say there was a lot of cheap real-estate because very few people wanted to move there LOL. ICly I “bought a house” there on my Warlock (who I don’t RP much anymore on account of most of the people I had plots with him on quitting WoW) back in Legion.

Thinking of boosting the Alliance side of Oceanic RP a bit though yet. I might use the same cheap real-estate principle to set up the base of operations of the Hexrenders out there, if I get it running again. Could be a cool location… and quite fitting for a group whose main goal is to eliminate people using dark powers for nefarious purposes.


Zenrao and I had a guild in the tavern there for a very short while. Duskwood is my favorite zone. I really liked the area and the concept.


Icly Shadow of the Forest is still in Duskwood. They’re in Dream’s Refuge at the Twilight Grove, protecting the refugees that are set up there. Story wise, not much is happening and they’re content just keeping the peace and enjoying the occasional drink in Darkshore.


I considered listing you guys as a Duskwood guild but you haven’t ICly been here for some time, is that gonna change soon?

They’re there, but we haven’t had the heart to play recently. We will be back eventually. No need to list us, I was just contributing! :slight_smile:

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The Ghost is: In!

Tonight is a good night to go ghost watching, wink wink.

I’ll need to bring my Illidari Demon back around there some time. He totally found those ducks he wanted to rescue! So he might come by for a visit some time soon.

I almost never RP Alliance side anymore haha.

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Wearing a shirt that says “I got LOST in DUSKWOOD and saw the INFAMOUS THOMAS BATES” and sunglasses

It’s okay to be jealous. Come to Duskwood, meet awesome people!! :cow:


I’d love to know the exciting conclusion of the Illidari Duck Saga! Come around again soon~

Your character was such a delight, Fauxliage! And I am just now realizing your name is a pun, I have that much more respect for you.

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Aw, shucks! Thanks so much for having me for awhile!! I’ve always wanted to drop in and come visit you!

I have so many puns, I can bearly handle all of them! :wink:

Can’t wait to see you all again. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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it is scientifically confirmed that duskwood is the center of a sort of gravitational pull for nerds, geeks and freaks

i read it on wyrmguard secrets with no evidence, it must be true


The Ghost is: In!

Duskwood’s Paranormal Watch claims sightings of the friendly ghost tonight.

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Sir Bates, I would love to have Kirigan run into you. What is a good way of setting things up?

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