This Week in WoW: August 28, 2023

This Week in WoW: August 28, 2023

Each week we’ll look ahead to what’s in store for World of Warcraft, share the latest news, and keep you in the know byte by byte. Don your thinking caps! Rumors and secrets abound, all leading to ancient artifacts and hidden treasures. The Secrets of Azeroth event begins this week.

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Please don’t be Classic-specific like it was last week.

Otherwise, I totally forgot that Secrets was starting this week, and the September Trading Post is this week too? Sweet :smiley:

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Oh boy, another store transmog

Ya’ll be pumping those out lately


I’m not sure if I should hope it’s better or worse the the last couple (which I did not like).


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Secrets of Azeroth!

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When are we going to get a patch that fixes the plethora of broken content? PvE and PvP meaningful tuning? Not just knee jerk moves like the SP DPS nerf, but have a team of Devs or paid testers actually play the game and test the feel of the classes and specs. Submit plans for upcoming ‘tier’ abilities in advance, so testing can be done before release and feel good off the get-go. Additionally, add newer technology/coding so WoW runs on newer systems a little better? Wow is an extremely resource heavy for such an old graphic engine/system…No way it should need a high-end gaming system to run it on 4k@60hz @ LVL 5(of 10) or higher. My 3070ti stuggles, much like many other on the forums.

Can we get a QoL/Improved gameplay patch?


And what happens when those devs say they feel the classes and specs are fine? That would put a nail in the coffin for any future tuning passes.

In other news, your 3070ti isn’t struggling, it’s probably waiting on your CPU since WoW’s engine is still CPU-centric, even with all the graphical advancements over the years.

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One would HOPE, and I know that is far-fetched, that with people testing who play the game, might be able to offer some insight, and keep track of progress.

However - based on experience, I believe your expected result would be the most likely. One and done - no more.

It’s just sad as I see my guild and friends list dry-up faster then it’s ever done due to the no-fun state the game has become. New features plagued with lag, quests not working, classes still having issues with skills(How many times to fix WLs broken skills that weren’t changing and staying active after change made? Still not fixed - still have to summon pets and re-sec even on small changes that don’t effect that… etc.)

YOU WILL play the classes they empower, you WILL ONLY select those specs, and the rest can wait.

I know - it’s not REALLY that bad, but you do see many still always trying to copy META for 15s?!

PSA - META isn’t needed for 15s! You can clear a 15 with a 3 Monks and 2 Hunters with ease. Even tho Blizz might make you believe such via their MDIs, other classes exist and can do keys under 20! Give em a try! :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t mind seeing a patch dedicated solely to bugfixes. There are bugs that have been in the game for over a decade. It is a little shameful that we accept that sort of thing from a subscription game.


Very excited to see what the new mount is going to be on the trader’s post. I’ve been tempted so far, but I am waiting for the one I just can’t refuse!

Probably never. We are the imp’s personal ant farm. He got a bigger magnifying glass and feels the urge to cause some pain.

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“Scholarly Pursuits” transmog set? i hope a backpack, glasses and a pencil weapon

With the release of HC, the topic of Classic Era transfers resurfaces. For 12 consecutive weeks, I have been posting in these TWIW articles hoping that the community managers will acknowledge the rampant abuse of the Classic Era free transfer service and make a move to remedy this cheating. Users have been exploiting this service for what is now over a year. I have made a thread ([Classic Era] Exploitation of Free Transfers), opened many tickets, emailed the hacks team and filed plenty in-game reports regarding this behavior.

Please do something about this vulnerability in Classic WoW.

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Haven’t played a “top spec” all xpac. KSM and Aotc…

Yall just chasing the fomo.

Dope! Thank you for the update!

Looking forward to those promotions. Hopefully, it’s something I don’t have this time.

Was today’s cinematic release the “promotion?”

No, there is a new bundle in the store taking advantage of people that suffer from FOMO. They are removing another store mount and a few pets.

(Just wait until they arrive in the Trading Post in like 3 - 6 months and get them free of charge)

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Hmm, that hasn’t refreshed for me yet. I’ll try again in a minute.

2 minutes later

Oh, it’s things I already have. Sadge :frowning:

pretty sure the promotion was the summer sale deals