This transfer is not currently available for your characters faction

I really hope they didn’t restrict faction transfers without saying anything. The start of the expansion has divided enough people this is going to make it worse. I don’t know how hard it is to say “Hey we are going to restrict X servers on Y date” so we don’t have people split up again.

yeah, it’s all the Horde’s fault. They planned this from the beginning. /s


You shouldnt have tried to run.


The lack of a blue post of any sort is ridiculous. I know we aren’t the only guild or group of friends that have been split by this issue…


Blizzard don’t let them leave. Just send them back to the server they came from. Make horde transfer

Better late than never. Got to give players some notice though.

Assuming this is accurate.

Not a word was said.

I’m reading the reddit, and several guilds and groups of friends got split because some of them made it before the faction specific was put into place, and some didn’t. Many are talking about just giving up and quitting.


Thats insane. I’m sure some people are gonna stroll in with “jUsT rErOll” but realistically we have and will continue to lose masses of people because of situations like this and launch. I love and am 100% for faction restrictions to transfers but not when transfers are already available and they just cut it out without notice. Give the people some warning it literally takes a minute to post something.


Its not even horde players. All the tryhards that roll horde because of better racials aren’t horde players. They would roll alliance if the racials were better. Its the sweaty nerds that have to min max that f***ed up the populations


That’s it…

I’m finished.

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this should have been in from the beginning, not come in 30 minutes into the process and there seems to be an issue with how they are calculating the faction balance if i was able to get my main over but not my alt when that’s still the same alliance player.


Blizzard, and messing up, name a more iconic duo


Give players 24-48 hours, both factions. Note that it will be faction specific after that.

Yep. Going to laugh my rear off when people like Brokenwind and Edge run out of targets because of Alliance players quitting.

Their continued tears will be glorious.

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punished for being a coward owN owN haha afraid of pvp :slight_smile:

but yeah, the fact that there was any window at all for ally to transfer was ridiculously incompetent of blizzard


That and the pathetic people that have to 5v1 in order to pvp. At this point they should just have more open transfers but with faction restrictions. Like any of the horde heavy servers can have horde switch switch to any of the alliance heavy servers for free and vice versa.

Allow Alliance on Stalagg to come back. Keep the Horde flowing off though


I have got to give Blizzard credit on this one, stroke of genius. I mean, we all knew they were trying to make Classic fail so they could say ‘told you so’ and not have to look back at it.

But intentionally splitting potentially thousands of players looking to transfer from their guild mates is absolutely brilliant. Most of those players are going to quit- those left behind for sure, now vastly outnumbered AND completely alone without a guild to run content with- and even many of those that got through now that friends they’ve made in the past months- or potentially have known for years are split from them.

This though, this was something even I didn’t think they would stoop to. So I applaud Blizzard, for managing to sink again to lows I didn’t expect, you never cease to amaze me.


It is akin to Murphy’s Law.
If the is a chance of a situation being implemented badly, it will be.


No, Heartseeker can keep the deserters.