This is why you don't want LFD

please…don’t ever say the word “I need LFD removed because i care for community” that’s the worst lie i’ve ever heared in 17years of playing wow.

from what i’ve seen in past 5hours on live, ‘elites wanna be’ only invite full t6 people to mgt, so without lfd …
-they will be picky
-they willbe able to ignore you if you’re not bis or not certain class
-they will be able to get what they wants if their guilds are still sleeping, While they don’t want to have the same fair chance of being in dungeon finder system as everyone else.

anti lfd people cut the crap, you’re so damn selfish or dumb.


Thats certainly part of it. Nobody wants to have to carry someone’s 5th alt.


it’s mostly a noob player (gdkp buyer) or bad geared people who make groups and ask for full t6.

also LFG require certain amount of Item level to use, it’s not like you’ll get a dungeon with total green people to whine about carrying them.


Dont let blizz see this. They want ppl to pick who gets invited. Watch some video interviews from Ion. He says it a lot. U r 100% right though. Social nonsense is just for an excuse. It happems the same amount in either on. Make the dungeon encounters random and force random comps. Then u will have social interaction.

These ppl dont get it. They want ppl to be allowed to ninja loot because to them, its part of the experience. Most of us are ok removing the negative experiences. These ppl just dont think right.


Any game ‘balanced’ around random comps, will be an absolute joke. You realize this yes?


So dont use it instead of wanting to stop thise if us that dont care. The only bad side we habe with it is it puts us in grouos with ppl like you that arw so worried about doing anything that someone elsee would benifit from.

Worry about you and you and you would enjoy the game.


He’s not going to, already admits he doesn’t want to and won’t do dungeons during later wrath.

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You don’t KNOOOOW me.

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No. It would actually be better. I am not referring to random as in 4 healers and 1 dps. The basic 1 tank one healer but the dos comps are random. It is a total differnt experience when you get past a challenge without relying on the best solution.

I used to tank with a healer friend. As soon as i got home from work i would hook up amd post lf3m dps for daily heroic. First 3 dps that replied were taken and away we went. A lot more interesting when you didnt have the exact perfect comp of cc for the place. Sure would have been nice to have a lock for this part to banish. Oh well theis is what we got, lets discuss how to handle it with what we got. Plan works. We win. Everybody is congratulating and complimenting each othet and making comments like thanks guys, i havent had that much fun in a long time. That beats having the cookie cutter comp where u dont even speak and everyone just knows what to do and when.
This is wow. Its an easy game that was developed to be easy. Most undetstand that there us not many ways to fail so to make it a little more challenging, they try to deal with the easy mode content by seeing how fast they can complete it. So yeah. I am pretty sure the game would be just fine with random comps.


The hpally in my raid team was denied 3 Heroic groups cuz hes a hpally lmfao.


LFR is balanced around the idea of random ‘whatever’ and is essentially story mode.

Your not going to keep people interested at that balance point, is the point I’m making.

Yep. Lfr is nothing more than allowing people to see the content. I dont have a problem with that goal but the reward should be very minimal.


So thats the thing. That is what balance for ‘random comp’ looks like.

I think looking past someone’s name and going right to gearscore and achievements is anti-social as you can get. I spent most of Wrath carrying people thru 5-mans. It didn’t bother me at all.


Same here dumbcake. I never once had a 2nd thought about it. I was actually happy to be able to help someone that was probably not allowed in a gear score group.

I didnt think to much about the people that required a minimum gearscore back then. I just thought it was silly. Looking back and now thinking about it, i just figured it was little teenagers and thats what immature people do. They made wow into a ego thing. But now, from what i see in the game. It is still going to take place. And it wont be from immature little teenagers. It immature 30 year old adults. Lol. Still trying to shown thier wow skills.


Join a guild.


I ran a disc priest throughout wrath. I made it into a game where I would try to out DPS the noobie and tanks using nothing but holy nova.

For raids, I get why you’d want geared people. For 5-mans, tragically easy. Heroics were designed to be defeated with nothing but gear from normal dungeons. Give me a warm body, I’ll tell them which drake to choose and where to stand to not die.


Why not? Someone with that many level capped chars probably has a real good understanding of the game. I have seen tons of well geared mains play very poorly. I would wager that high ilvl pugs probably don’t perform all that much better than lower ilvl pugs in the big scheme of things. When you invite strangers, what you get is a mixed bag regardless of their gear level.


I dont think so. I am pretry sure lfr is balanced around random talent. Meaning they realize it will habe a had fullnof people that are pretty low skilled players.

Balancing an entire game like that would be pretty bad.

I specifically talking about 5 mans right now. They already dont design around specific comps down to the exact class. A tank and healer are required for most of the encounters for sure. But i dont think it would be good design if you had to bring one mage or the u cant get past a point. It may be easier.

Because comparatively, they are dead weight. Regardless of how well they play.

Yes, hence avoiding the automation of ‘inviting strangers’.

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