This is why you don't want LFD

Whether or not the LFD tool exists, if you are pugging you are inviting strangers. I can’t believe I had to spell that out for you.


Not my job to carry you because you can’t clear this piss easy Phase 4 content.


I dont pug regardless.

Wrong. Did you never experience RDF? You are just gonna be insta-kicked and put to the back of the queue. They won’t suddenly want to carry you.


I imagine it’ll be the cata version of LFD if it came in, where you need 4/5 to kick

Ha, FFXIV would like a word, their normal raids include numerous skill checks and 1 shot mechanics as do their 24 man “lfr” style raids.

WoW LFR is only easy because people complain when it’s not.


Sure, WoW players have an expectation of face roll content. You think Blizz would change that in the year of our lord, 2022?

The leader of a guild called Elitist Jerks? I’m shocked.


people in guilds still ask for LFD, get over it.

aha, so you’re not interested in grouping with new players to socialize with? you and blizzard both are clearly have no idea about what can make any mmo-rpg game success

what a joke, it’s you who never experienced RDF In retail, no one bother to kick un-geared player, i’ve got kicked twice in my whole life in retail, while i was removed more than 20times in classic in past 2weeks. stop day dreaming.


They should ask their guildies to run stuff with them. You know, it’s almost as if this game is an MMORPG!


At my point of progression, no, I’m not.

You do realize Blizzard has created and maintained the most sucessful MMORPG of all time, right?

What qualifications do you have?


This might have a degree of relevance in TBC, but we’re talking Wrath dungeons. There’s no need to carry anyone. The worst specs in the game do just fine.

Without lfd do people need to min/max dungeon compositions? Absolutely not. Will they? Absolutely they will. Why? Because they can.

Lfd let’s people play whatever they want and still experience the content (without paying gold to be carried). And people saying you’ll be kicked…please. That elitist crap won’t dominate an lfd group because it might take 20 minutes to do a dungeon instead of 18.


you probably never played any other game if you think so. Sucessful mmorpgs gain players with time unlike blizzard that keep losing players, Unless you think of success of how to milk money out of players.

so you admit that people in guilds only play within the guild? Why do you care then if randoms get LFD to be able to play with other randoms?!


It was so prevalent that Blizz changed the way kick mechanic worked multiple times.


at least someone voting the kick and others have to press is better than only 1person removes you out of the blue & this is what happens in tbcc


There are no other sucessful MMOs. The genre has been dying out for years now. You should do your research before you make such statements.

Yeah, people tend to play with their friends in an MMORPG. You got me! The horror is exposed!

Because it enables solo player gameplay and anti-social behavior, which is the antithesis of the MMORPG genre.

If that’s the gameplay you’re looking for, single player RPGs do exist.


I just don’t group and go around doing solo things without RDF or I Q for a BG in my pvp spec so I don’t have to pay to respec. I just spammed LFG for 3 hours trying to get a group for Normal MGT but I am not T6 so I am not wanted.

That’s fine, but end-game progression will be gated behind social interation. Sorry but that’s the genre.

You sholud consider making your own group next time or asking your guildmates in Wicked to group with you.


lfd has nothing to do with socializing stop pretending or telling lies, you already admitted that you join guilds to not interact with any randoms.