This is borderline fraud

How many streamers do you know? And how many of them are in the beta? Of the thousands of people that will get into the beta, do you really think they’re all streamers? Not likely.

Stop using this as an excuse to try to “blame” Blizzard for you not getting a key.


95% of players on beta (including me) have never streamed in their life.

Need to adjust your tinfoil.


Look before you leap (to conclusions).


While I agree that more communication is needed about this, I wouldn’t go as far as to call it fraud. They simply included it in the launcher a bit early so we can download the game files and play on day one instead of waiting to download them. The beta test will be listed as WoW Classic Beta and Stress Test.

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Oh yeah!
I just wish I could have gotten to level 10 to re-experience the old talent tree. :smiley:

Saw a level 9 Human Warlock at the NE start area!
Oh, that long run through Wetlands at low level dying over and over…and over. :rofl:


Yep sounds like you got scammed to me.

know what’s worse? Having EU subscription, getting wow classic in launcher and get message that you need to pay US sub.

Higher than you’d think. Otherwise Casinos wouldn’t have guidelines for booting people who win too much.

When I was testing (got a Gnome Lock to lvl 10 during first set of stress tests) I just swam from Westfall to Menethil. I only died once going that route.


You have to be actively subbed to get invited to beta.

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One,wrong forum.

They weren’t trying to make money. They were trying to be nice.

I never once got an invite, I just checked the launcher, downloaded the files and played when the option was available.

Ignorance is not a scam.

Was probably moved from the CS forum.

Well, i am sure this was made out of frustration, and i am sorry you were confused and that led to this issue.

I hope, when reading these replies, you realize now why hyperbolic overreactions not only arent going to help solve your confusion, they are going to result in replies that might make you even more upset.

A long time ago i learned this lesson, painfully, and i find the best way to go through life is always assume ive missed something or there is some knowledge i dont have somehow.

Exhaust the search for that knowledge before your post emotionally and by the time passes, you’ll have either calmed down, or figured the issue out yourself.

On the brightside, you purchased game time during the best possible time.

8.2 is worth a look for sure and has addressed just about every major concern with the games content.
And its the summer festival!

Best holiday innit


Because they are open to everyone who has an active WoW subscription, not everyone who wants to play free of charge.

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Whats fraud is I was wanting a beta key and ESFAND did not give it to me in his live streams! TIME TO RIOT!!! LOL

JK… I’m sorry I had to go there. Not making fun of OP. I do understand his frustration as there are people wanting classic beta keys. The Thirst is REAL ! Cheers all

I believe the client said an active sub was all that was needed to participate. That was the only direct communication the person received. So scam.

This stress test will be accessible to anyone with an active World of Warcraft game account in the Americas & Oceania region.

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