This is borderline fraud

So opend up the launcher and seen World of Warcraft Classic under my versions. I’m signed up for beta checked my emails seen nothing about a stress test or beta but hey not the first time blizz has forgotten to email me something. Download then get told need to buy game time so i do thinking its the beta. Buy the time log into the realm and the realm names dont even say stress test so still thinking its beta till i log in and find out on the chat its just a test…i open a ticket after it ends and turns out im not he only one with this issue so anyone else get bent over by this…also no refund or beta key…

“Yes, we definitely want to hear this feedback on that, and will make sure this feedback is added to the others we’ve received about it as well, because if you feel mislead, we don’t want to make those mistakes again in the future.”

Last msg i go from the support


This latest round of stress testing was available to every NA region player with game time on their account. No invites were sent out for it. It does not count as an invite to the Beta.


The Stress Test dates were announced the same time thy announced the release dates.

Additional information was posted on the forums prior to this recent Stress Test.

You need active game time to access the Beta, including the Stress Tests.

Quite simply, having it show at this time is no different than having links to Overwatch, Starcraft or Diablo showing on the launcher.


So then why do we need game time for them if they were open to everyone? especially if it was only going to be for 2 days? And again the launcher didnt state it was a stress test just WoW classic which to me meant hey got my beta access finally

Because Classic testing requires active game time. That is how Blizzard decided to make it. Everyone (with an account in good standing) had the ability to add game time to their account and participate in the testing.


They stated the download for Classic would be available June 18th. And that the stress test would happen for 2 days. You have to download the Classic game to play the stress test. How can you not comprehend this?


If you are a non streamer pleb you will not get a beta inv anytime soon. The odds of a pleb getting a beta invite would be the same odds of winning a casino jackpot.





So Blizzard committed fraud because you didn’t keep up with the news or read the TOS.


  1. When you go to the account setting and make it where you are able too be chosen. It clearly states you must have an active sub. Guess you didn’t read that.

  2. If you were smart enough to again read things they CLEARLY state that they will send a email if you are able to get into beta. That should be a duh moment if you never saw one.

  3. They clearly stated in several areas of wow news/stuff it was a stress test. You clearly didn’t care enough to look before spending money on game time.

  4. Just because you see it on your launcher doesn’t mean you have full access like the beta testers as again 1 and 2 apply.

  5. You lacked the ability to look,etc and rushed to buy game time before knowing or looking up things…it’s your fault and your fault only. Blizz did no fraud, You fail at the above to even realized anything and only rush for game time when you saw in via launcher. So again next time be smarter with your money and look at things before clicking the buy button.


At least he will have game time for the next one on the 18-19 of July I suppose. He still isn’t the brightest, but the game time technically isn’t going to go “completely” to waste.

Not only that, but he got exactly what Blizzard was “advertising” – access to the WoW beta during the stress test. Fraud typically requires some sort of intentional act of deception in order to entice somebody to do something that enriches the fraudulent party.



You not understanding how something works does not constitute fraud. You being misinformed on how something works is your own fault.


It’s not. You didn’t read where they said it was a stress test, not beta.

It’s pretty much been up in a Blue post in the Classic forums for days.


There’s nothing borderline about that. That’s not how fraud works.


I got a druid to level 6 during the stress test

Why would they let those who aren’t subbed into a stress test? You are not a paying customer, so shoo. It’s not fraud and plenty of notices. Your fault.


Why do you feel you’re entitled to a beta key? Also, you willingly bought game time for the game. You went out of your way to purchase it. They’re not going to refund you for what you now feel was a bad decision on your part. Suck up the $15 and make sure you read the forums/news articles a little better next time.


And how was that? Was it fun?

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not to mention “There are no Beta Keys” as discussed in a blue topic.