This has got to stop in low level BGs

Leveling a new char trying to show friend WoW, he leans more towards pvp and of course the first bg i ever show him is wsg… but at level 15.

Ive been around the block I know twinks like to ruin these brackets by 1 shotting non-twinks but this… was bad. I inspected our team and saw NONE were twinks. My first thought was “ok maybe blizzard wisened up and made twinks play in their own special bracket like the old days…”

Oh no… 2k hp druid running enemy flag, 1.7k hp rogues 1 shotting us, unkillable twink healers… the entire team folded in less than 5 seconds since the highest hp on our team was like 650 or something.

The team collectively agreed not to res since enemies wanted to farm. So none- of us ressed for a round 2 as it is unfair to begin with. Forcing the other side to end the game. My friend almost decided WoW is not for him if that’s what pvp is like in this game but I managed to convince him to stay and stick to quests and dungeons for now.

Im wondering though… how many people got the same idea as him and just never came back? who said “maybe WoW pvp is all about one shotting people guess ill go play something else” what must that look like to a new player?


quest for an hour or so, come back.

I’ve seen these crews work in shifts. a few hours later maybe it gets better.

Sunday was a good WSG day for me. more balance to the matches all in all. even most loses I’d say were fair loses. Friday and saturday it got so bad in the 40’s I actually took a few hours to get my NE heritage and Eredar skin in retail.

And then ran noob island with a new eredar. Not sure if she will be leveled. But…I tinkered with the new cosmetics anyway.

It was getting to the point I knew twinks by name. and when they were off on a rotation. Cool…I lived 2 seconds, not 1.


The only bad this about low level brakets is the new “I’m going to jump up this cliff and jump into this spot where no one can touch me until the efc is dead”. Other than that, it’s the same as it was.


AB is the next CTA iirc this week. that one gets better, sometimes.

You get can get lucky and your team’s twinks hold points. they like to pick off the lowbies trying to flip flags. Or they rush BS and let that blood lust fun rampant. And it can get you BS held for points. Win win there.

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Yup yup. It’s just as it was back when this was current. I made a 20 twink rogue for fun back then and had an absolute blast. In this corrupted edition we have so many resources at our finger tips to also make a twink. Join the ranks for fun or just enjoy the BG and quest in between (is my advice and opinion).

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Literally every single person who plays WoW was a new player at one point. Maybe some of us forgot what life was like in 2005 or whenever we first entered BGs, but I remember a laughing gnome in AB with a green line coming out of him, killing me.

I remember that well…

Anyway, if you don’t have decent gear for your level, you’ll always have the potential to run into people who do in any instanced PVP scenario.

If you say so, :woman_shrugging:

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Pvp was mostly never fair in wow, if he doesn’t like it early on it won’t change later.


61 to 69 is hell in AV lol. you jsut go dude, its xp and honor. I have small goals here. Just give us 2 bunkers at least. I’d take more. But yeah…2 would be appreciated even.

70’s in brutal vs 61’s in trash greens. guess who wins that one lol. When I got 70 I’d at least take my brutal DK to where alliance twinks liked to go. I’d try to at least even up the odds a little.

If you think that’s bad, just wait until you get to the 39 bracket. There’s an alli twink Pally running around with an epic item level 200 fishing pole for a weapon, one-shotting everyone.
Fun times.


You don’t need to invent a fake friend to point out twinks ruin low level bgs.

But Blizz made a conscious decision to combine twinks with non-twinks in Wrath Classic. In original Wrath they would be separated.


Twinks don’t ruin anything. The entire point of this gear based game is to Twink your character. At low lvl and max lvl.

Separating brackets was a Retail thing that killed BGs. They never should of listened to whiners. It’s like when they added Templates and killed PvP because gear didn’t matter.

Maybe he will fall in love with WoW and PvP because it’s RPG PvP (gear based) which is the real PvP. That is what made me fall in love with WoW. I saw crazy OP character 1 shotting everyone and I said DAM!! That looks like fun. I need gear!

If your friend loves power progression in PvP and gear having a big impact like we all do, they will fit right in. This is a good game for that. Gear based PvP is way better then that fake PvP.


Also go to the AH buy upgrades, enchant your gear. Work on professions get gold to get better gear. Do a dungeon get Blues so you are competitive in PvP. It’s just called playing the game.

I saw that, he was in another thread and linked the stream. That’s just why Wrath is such and awesome expansion. You can do really fun things like that.

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come dot me daddy

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“How do you kill that, which has no life?”

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imagine thinking someone fakes friends just because you don’t have any. I wouldn’t be leveling another toon if not for him being brand new to WoW

and disclaimer i find the exp right now to be worth it win or lose, but it’s not the xperience he nor I want him to have getting into WoW pvp and it’s because of twinking.

After oct 10th, yes. RDF comes. its goint to help here, maybe. If some like me, that now 44 s. priest I am on is probably the last leveler.

okay, there is the 76 DK on whitemane too. I got her slated for IOC and SOTA Cta runs lol. Twinks don’t ruin these 2 imo.

Players playing like butt are usually the reason. Hit 1 door off the boat. So simple a rule for SOTA. People will mess it up however.

The good AH gear on atiesh or whitemane is 700g+. On a nice day. One piece only. That is not a wise buy for an xp on player really. You will level out of usefulness. With JJ now especially.

Yes once RDF comes out there is no excuse about gear in BGs low lvl or max lvl.

When I level a character I take my time and Twink in every bracket on the way to max level. I find that this allows you to better understand your class and hardness your skills around different abilities.

BGs are really supposed to be a break in the leveling to test your might in PvP not something you level in. I think that is why people struggle at low lvl BGs. They are looking at them as a place to lvl instead of PvP.


so I did explain that, hes newish to mmorpgs and is fine with the idea of grinding for gear at max level but that people being able to turn off exp to grind bis gear at a low level is unfair and that’s just how it is.

It isn’t though. Also the word “Fair” is the dumbest word in the English language right next to Staycation.

If that isn’t your cup of tea and you don’t want to put any effort into gear, enchants, gems, professions at lower lvl. Maybe PvP isn’t for you. Honestly the biggest mistake they made was adding experience to BGs. People should be in BGs to PvP and should be gearing up for it at every bracket. It’s what makes RPG PvP fun and real PvP.

There is literally no difference between Min/Maxing and gearing at Max level compared to low lvl. The gear gap at Max level can be just as harsh if not worse in these latter phases and you will get one shot.


Why some ask for split sign up. I get that. eternal 39’s…can play with eternal 39’s. we have different goals. lets get like minded people in same groups really.

Its not jsut the twinking some hate. its the x9’s (29,39,etc) who whine about the crap geared x1 (21,31,etc). We don’t like that nice jump to say 41 with crap gear either. We may see gear starting at say 42 on the AH. till then…crap gear from level 34 is what we got.