This has gone on long enough

LOL No I have selective reading

This is a troll post.

Not even on the CS forum. Of course, it will likely go 404

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I think we need to have patience and faith that Blizzard will do the right thing in this contract and the diversity tool. It’s suppose to be healthy for the game in the long-run.

If we are to believe that the game still has over 1,000,000 players, and 1% submitted only 1 report each day, that’s 10,000 reports a day. That doesn’t sound hard at all for 1 staff member to keep up with during their 8 hour shift right? That’s only 1250 reports to resolve per hour, or about 21 a minute, not counting breaks or farts right? I hear they pay upwards of $15 an hour in Texas. I think you should apply!:smiley:

Biblical law would be absolute chaos and a lot of it is some pretty bad stuff that most everyone would say is immoral now.

Only those who oppose God and are doomed. The moral people can follow God’s law without issue.

i always assume everyone is a genderless turnip.

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The only prank that is funny is saying someone’s name is LFM for a M+ run.

Wow is a cesspool, it’s why I’m glad I have a guild who likes me… Well… tolerates.

do you like… copy paste your message in every thread about this ? Just go keep it in your thread, pal.


It didn’t take long for him to stick his nose in. I swear dude has no life lol

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You going to stone disobedient children at the edge of town and own slaves?

I know you are trolling though, but biblical law isnt actually that nice to basically anyone other than Gods chosen.

I just want them to permanently start banning accounts left and right.

People who create reportable names on purpose–one warning. Second warning-loss of account.

People who complain non stop on the forums about having to be nice–one warning. Second warning–permanently close their account in-game and on forums.

People who harass others (with proof it did happen–example: strong, bad language, death threats–permanently ban their accounts at the first warning.

People who post threads about LGBT issues every two minutes–permanently ban their accounts for spamming.

Time to enforce the rules.

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I hope they ban your guild for its name.

Blizzard do mute people if you report them for saying something genuinely rude. They’re not going to act on Discord beef. Off data is entirely owned by a different company, and that company has their own support for this sort of thing.

The report button only mutes them until you log, but it does record the report and add it to the volcano, once there are enough reports they get a suspension.

Well, according to Tuullnn–it is quite offensive.

Kinda what I was wondering. I play both male and female toons and have never had anybody treat me any different. I can totally see people being jerks if the player is not preforming well. I was told I was the worst rogue ever one time because I forgot to interrupt the final boss of Mysts dungeon. Was a+5 key last season and nobody died because group was massively over gearing it.

Even after the group was done they were sending me message I should delete the game, etc. Of course I added them to ignore and moved on. Had nothing to do with the gender of my toon. There are just alot of buttholes in this world.

“T” finds breathing offensive. Can’t really take what he says seriously

I agree, I wondered that.

And yes, there are some nasty people playing this game - and there are some great ones, too. As I’ve said before, the bad ones are noisy so we know about them more often. The decent people just play the game and behave, y’know, decently to each other and we don’t hear about them because they are quiet.