This has gone on long enough

All these changes Blizzard are making. Social contract and all that. Means nothing if you don’t enforce the rules, and make people scared to break the harassing rules.

I’ve been targeted with sexual harassment, I know another girl who got some social anxiety just by how she was treated in dungeons, because she was not very good, but tried her best.She has been targeted with sexual harassment, and when she turned people down , they got upset and got a whole guild after her spreading bad rumors and saying she ERPS anyone who asks. This might not be the normal, but the fact that we can see how trade chat is. We see how elitism has happen, and how people are stressing over each other with meta builds, or class is underpower begging for buffs all the time. This game has become a mess, A community feels like they are being left behind on content if they are not playing a certain class or getting achievements asap so they can have a easier time in getting and making groups, and it all boils down to you Blizzard.

This is a video game, and myself I don’t mind failing or even not progressing that day because my fun is not tied to that. I’m not even saying that is the right way to play, but someone elses failures or even my own does not stress me out, and I don’t feel the need to take it out on others.

Blizzard you design this game, and the community to be like this. If players don’t follow your TOS, what makes you think a contract going to make things better?

Even asmongold had to deal with someone making his dead mother name on mother day to message him, it has not even been a year yet.

The fact people feel they can do something like that shows that your game needs to set hard examples.


I agree. I’m all for the social contract and whatever other measures they want to put in place to make this a more decent community. But I do hope it comes with more rigorous enforcement of their policies.


How does someone know if someone in their group is male or female or other ?


There is nothing to enforce.


With the harassing one. Husband made the mistake of saying leave her alone in the group. That is a good question though, I don’t tell my gender on games, but I guess because of how she acted on the advances they assumed.

But even if that is a case guys should not have to deal with that bs also.


Isnt there a Report function ?


Explain? What do you mean?

Report does nothing but mutes them. In the asmongold case, they just deleted made a new name and kept on doing it.

I agree with the sentiment, but be careful what you wish for.

No one should feel they’re on pins and needles playing a game. The Report button, and what every single person forgets, the Ignore option, do exist.


Just play with better people who aren’t all weird and rude.


Most of the text is vague with out any actions listed for what was done.


Sure, I agree with that. I’m not talking about simple mistakes or people having a bad day. People who make new chars and bothers others, or sexual harassing, racism that sort of thing deserves at least some level of no amount of bad day makes this right.


The report function is powerful.
Far better than some admin trying to police the game.
Using that does get results, esp. if the experience is/was as bad as you describe. Just gotta use it.

I’m not sure how it is, when we just saw asmongold go through something noone should have to go through, and the person did not get banned and was able to do it for hours on in.

The fact they felt they COULD do it was a problem in itself, and it is not like we don’t report people who do this to us, it is just that Blizzard made a culture that they feel they can get away with it.


I don’t know an asmongold.
There must be a known story in this that I have missed. So sorry.

all good, he is a streamer. Pretty much his mom passed away a few months ago, and on mothers day someone pretty much made his moms name and message him happy mother day over and over again. It did not bother him, but he reported it, and they kept delete the name remaking and each time they did that it removed the person off the ignore list.

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WoW does seem to take the cake for harassment I’ve heard of in mmos. We have a blacklist channel in our discord and the things people are willing to say online baffles me.

I am not surprised by the social contract and honestly I do hope they enforce it.

Yes, they did.

This is the game and the community they wanted. And, with the upcoming changes, they are continuing to lean into it.

They know it’s not but it looks like they are doing something for plausible deniability.

'We tried, your honor. See this social contract. It’s not our fault the players reneged after signing it."

Look, they don’t care about the game, they only care about making money and this design gets the highest level of engagement and token sales out of the game.


It needs to be combined with real life law enforcement and multiple felony charges applied to every incident.

thats the problem with blizzard they never enforced anythign before and this is just a big virtue signal this is al fake…lol.

virtue signaling
the action or practice of publicly expressing opinions or sentiments intended to demonstrate one’s good character or the moral correctness of one’s position on a particular issue.

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If you’re having such an awful time shouldn’t you find another game to give your business to? Dunno why you would keep yourself in such a situation.

Have you thought about moving to FFXIV?