This has gone on long enough

That is another problem. They need to get back with God and enforce Biblical law.
Bullying is definately a death penalty worthy crime. Do not think otherwise or you will burn in Hell.

Its not. Believe in whatever god you want but don’t make up stuff.

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Account wide Silence 1st offence, normally for 7days, 2nd offence is 7 day ban.

Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it.

Its kinda funny when a fox tries to be philosophical

RP and ERP are not the same thing.

It’s funny how the “Bible” and its law is only allowed to be used when it’s to reinforce certain narratives any other time it’s all “God doesn’t exist” or my favorite “look there’s another Bible thumping incel” or “Jesus freak” or “God simp” it’s fascinating the amount of mental gymnastics people go thru on these very forums to insult Christians for their beliefs then also attempt to use the very foundational book of Christianity to justify theirs…:thinking:

This person is definitely trolling I’ve never read in the Bible what he says will send you hell for.

During that time, the rp scene was a bunch of guilds using rp as dating app. I’ve not tried in years, so I am not sure how much was changed. So if rp scene is any better, than take what I say with a grain of salt.

i can answer some questions about god

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I dont rp so I couldn’t say, The whole rp thing is funny too me but in all honesty moon guard is not the type of server you want if you want legit rp.

I rolled on it when it first came out, when RPers hop around from one rp server to another one. As new ones got made. I got tired of doing it and pick to stay. This was before it got the rep it has now.

I like RP servers because It is easier to make gold off the AH at the time on them, and Rpers are like NPCs. They make the world feel more alive.

This is not really a knock on the rp community as I enjoy what they bring. I just can’t get into it because at the time I tried. The groups that did world rp, just ended up being iffy. (and drama can just lead a bad taste.)

That’s understandable. Well I couldn’t say what horde side is like on moon guard but I’ve seen enough alliance rp there in my spare few curiosity times to ask if you considered faction changing?

It is legal mumbo jumbo so they have options when they want to kick someone to the curb for being a D!ck.

Mock God and the Bible and you will burn. Your fate has been sealed today sir.

Hiring and paying GMs back into the game would help a lot.

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Awww look at the fox trying to be threatening LOL I can’t it take it seriously :joy:

My issue with it, I feel like I wont be able to tell people the truth without meaning reported as being “mean” etc.

Like I wont bring people to my groups with 0 M+ score or lack of fight knowledge etc and sometimes people /whisper you and beg you to invite them. I usually explain to people why I wont invite them, or why they need to leave my raid etc My job in this game isn’t to be “nice” to people to carry through content, and I have no desire to play with others who aren’t somewhat skilled for the content. I do not have patience, and don’t want to be a teacher.

no hes right. church people suck.

It’s true, I burned my thumb cooking today.

Did you see the little foxes comment? It’s like one of those chihuahuas trying to be a big shot.