This has gone on long enough

I play other mmorpgs yes.

I enjoy the gameplay and feel of wow. It is the reason why I don’t do group content. I also made friends and have my little group sure, but I am a social person and a mmo is half game and half social in that aspect. Wanting the social part to be fixed, so the overall game is better is something we all should want.

We should be able to left click on any offending text and send in a report. How hard would it be to have one staff member check these reports and look at the text and see if action is required? All they would have to do is click yes/no in answer to “is this text offensive?” The punishment could be decided automatically based on previous infractions.

How many staff would blizz have to hire to do this? A handful at most. If I was hired to do this I could do a few hundred per hour and prolly more if the reports scrolled fast enough and I was not on a PC running windows 95.

Where do they harass you? Guild chat? Trade chat?

You can report any text made by a player.

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In my case? Whispers most of the time. My friend the screen shots she showed me was whispers as well.

Hers was during BFA. She quit the game because of how it made her feel. At the same time, I’ve had a few jerks in my whispers, but the worse time was during MOP for me, when I learn reporting did very little. So I just ignore chat now.

Watching her go through that last expansion though made me understand that things did not get better.

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That’s strange. How do all these people even know who you are?

RUST in game chat.

Honestly bullying as a crime should result in the death penalty.

All player created problems.

On mine, a friend of mine wanted my husband and I to try RP, So people who are “married” ingame tend to be targeted from what I was told.

After I figure out the drama rp brings and many people use it as a dating service. I stop doing it.

Most recent posts in the CS forum disputing account suspensions seem to indicate that silences and mutes are no longer the case for most offenders, so progress is already being made on this front.

If you are currently experiencing this, make sure to use the in game /ignore system each and every time, and then open up tickets under the ongoing harassment category.

I know from your end you see very little progress, but I have seen reports where players are getting more then silenced for misbegotten behavior.


On RP forums are people not allowed to role play as a “bad guy” ?

That is good. Thank you for the info.

Maybe it’s time to move servers if you say you’re having issues. Try a low pop one. I’m on low pop and I never have issues. Then again the only chat I get into is when I’m smack talking alliance who come into org killing lowbies and so I have to kill them lol

More troll bait… this whole story reeks of trolling

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Yes you can, but comes a fine line with what type of ways it is done, and if it is OOC or not, as if it was RP whispering long distance, and or just talking in a ooc way showed it was not rp.

Its not enough. They need real life consequences up to the death penalty. Bullying is a serious crime.

Coming from you Grimsoldier I will take that as a badge of honor.

I’ve answer all the questions the best I could, and gave reasons why I think it is a issue.

We even have an example on stream. So what part of this is trolling?

Exactly. We don’t need new rules and contracts. We need enforcement of the existing ones, the new ones really just come across as slightly sinister to be honest. IF it’s just the same existing rules, why do we need to agree to it when we already agreed to the existing ones and already cannot play unless we already have agreed to them?

It’s not that serious. It’s not death penalty worthy. Besides very few cities and states even practice the death penalty anyway.

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:rofl::joy::+1: yeah bring out the firing squads, since there is no ignore function… oh wait what​:raised_hands: