Things that can actually *save* Classic WoW vs things people think can save it

Things that can literally save WoW right now:

  • Connect low pop realms (less than 10k population) - this is not CRZ, you can have guildies from other connected realms and trade items too. They become “one realm” without having to consolidate names etc.
  • Add Cross-realm dungeon groups
  • Add Cross realm zones for 1-60 content

Things that will not save Classic WoW (and people try to make you believe it will):

  • Dual Spec

Edit: they are giving free-transfers:

Still not the best solution, but at least, a solution.


Nothing will “save” BC:C. It’s pretty much a raid logging game now. Getting groups for anything is like pulling teeth.

Even retail is essentially raid logging. The only other thing people do is required chores. People don’t do choreghast because they like it, they do it because they “have” to. BC doesn’t make dailies or heroics “required” so people don’t do them. Raids have been the only good thing about wow for years, nothing will change that perception, except maybe seasonal classic so people can level 1-60 and enjoy phase 1 classic over and over and over again.


I mean. Only an idiot would argue against dual spec.

Dual spec opens up more pvp participation and increases dungeon activity.


Merge the realms maybe, forced name changes for anyone who isnt in the largest server, agreed, rest of that is not a good idea at all, no surprise mr token fanboy.
Cross realm is just a bad idea and blizzard were fools to ever engage in it, merge the servers and layer them if needed, simple.

well this is true, bravo.

Ah yes the one thing singularly pointed out as destroy in server community.

If anything they should be doing linked realms now.


All MMOs are raid logging, it’s a fantastic system tbh.

No chores, just log on chill with the boys on 2 raid days while getting drunk.


These are good things for tbc, I’d also like it if they improved professions greatly because the game is all about items. Leveling would be much better if I had full (maybe even a few epics why not! :D) blues by lvl 30 xd. I want to feel powerful as I level too!

Double or triple the standard honor gained in battlegrounds. Also, put a time limit on Warsong of 30 minutes maximum.

Improve experience gain of alts by 100-200%, and improve quest experience.

Provide a personal rating which follows a player around from arena team to arena team, so they can leave and join multiple teams without too much issue.

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I don’t disagree, I’m just saying the only that will “save” the game is “forcing” players to do other stuff. Dual spec and server merges aren’t gunna magically make everyone do heroics again.

simple fix ban all botters and gold buyers, game would be good to go instantly


Forcing us to do chores has already shown to not work.

You can’t make chores fun enough to last, retail has shown us that.

There is nothing wrong with raid logging and I’m not sure why so many people are against it.

We aren’t little kids anymore who are addicted to there games where we need to play them 60 hours a week.

This game is a hobby I want to play 10-15 hours a week, and that’s fine. The arbitrary chores to keep pace with others is a bad design to force players into logging on.


You’re 100% right. Too many people think this game needs saving, but their only suggestions they have are turning the game into retail.


Nothing wrong with the game being a hobby.

Idk why people trying to turn MMOs into full time jobs.

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Only an idiot would argue in favor of dual spec as something that can actually save wow.

I didn’t know you were my fan, make sure to visit my stream whenever I am raiding so you can learn how to kill some bosses.

That was valid for vanilla.
Reality in TBC is that once you’re done with badges and until P5 you don’t run heroics as much again because you don’t have anything to spend badges with.

I have 400 badges banked and not even talking about the ones I already used in the first weeks to disenchant gear.

Yeah, increasing honor rate would definitely be a good thing. I don’t bother doing BG on alts because… CBA honor sux.

Skeram bots are gone. Guess what? We just had some guilds leaving skeram and both botters and farmers left. We can farm the Skettis trees and even terocone without problem. Mana Thistle is no longer camped. I have over 300 terocone / mana thistle banked and going to gather even more.

Adding WoW TBC Token will drive gold sellers away as you have an easy and legit way to buy gold.

Exactly. Perhaps people are still with classic vanilla mindset that they have to play 24x7 this to be good at the game.


Lot’s of people leveling, and running dungeons.

Yeah. If we had cross-realm dungeon group it would be much better for the game.

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I don’t think so.

since you live in a free country, you have the will to think otherwise.

Would you care to explain why you think otherwise?

OP is right.

Sure. Because I enjoy forming community around leveling. Having CR dungeons would make that either less necessary or more difficult or both.

In fact, it’s one of the things I enjoy the most about the whole “Classic” series, and what I preferred about WoW prior to LFD.

If you have a cross-realm groupfinder, it may be possible to make friends and group with them cross realm, but you’re not joining the same guild, building the same raid teams, or really sticking together long-term.

Imo, community > short term satisfaction.

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