Theater of Pain Dungeon Mini Bosses never became aggroable

Was doing a +20 Theater of Pain last night and we would have timed it with like 3-4 minutes to spare, but two of the three Mini Bosses before Xav just never became hostile/aggroable :frowning: felt really bad since they are each worth like 7% so we were just screwed and the key was bricked because of the bug.

Happens at 27:07 here for reference:


Tuve el mismo problema con los minibosses de Xav en ToP+18


Same with my group. 1 of the mini bosses did not activate. If we did not have time to backtrack the key would have been burned. Never saw that happen before.

There are some other posts to and I had this issue myself last night

Same as thing last night on a +17. First mini boss by sogggodon activated, but the next two didn’t.

Same in a 21 ToP last night. Second mini boss never activated and third took 30 seconds to become active.

Happened to me multiple times today, was able to make up the lost percentage by pulling extra packs on the islands but definitely a major inconvenience though.

Had it happen on a +20 last night. We were able to kill the first miniboss just fine, but the second one never activated after killing its opponent. We waited for a little bit then moved on. Third wasn’t activated when we got there but did become attackable AFTER we killed Xav, so we were able to backtrack and kill it. The second one never activated. We had to run around and hunt for count in other wings, putting us about five minutes over time.

This has happened 2x times to me in the last day or so, and having to find the count in kul wing made the timer way too close for comfort.

This also happened to us on a +14 TOP. Wasn’t able to time the key due to this bug.

Same, just murdered my key

same/related issue in a 19 last night – the second miniboss took 5-10 seconds longer than normal to become active. fortunately it did activate so we didn’t have to hunt for %

Why is this suddenly happening? We burned 20 seconds waiting for ours to spawn tonight in our 20 and missed timing by 6 seconds. Feels so incredibly f-ing bad to have been burned by a bug that hasn’t happened at all this expansion until now.

Sure would be nice if this bug could be acknowledged. While my group had time to spare and run back for other trash I am sure this is depleting others keys.

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+19 just happened for us as well. Were well within limit to time it. Should give me credit!

+20 ToP just happened. 25 seconds off the timer. Please address this so I have something to show when my boss finds out that I’m playing wow during work hours.

We went into 20 ToP again tonight knowing about the delayed spawn from this bug, and we attempted to activate the NPCs early in Xav’s wing as we were fighting the previous to save time. Instead, the middle one FAILED TO ACTIVATE AT ALL and despite being 2 minutes ahead of our pace from last night we had to spend 2.5 minutes back-tracking to Kul’tharok’s wing to finish trash. Key dead 30 seconds overtime.

FIX THIS BS. You’ve had literal days since this game-breaking report.

please fix this. annoying af

Three of three TOP keys I ran today had this occur

hey, why hasn’t this been fixed or at least acknowledged? (i’m aware it’s now saturday, but this has been ongoing since tuesday)