The Yaungol and the Horde

After hitting Kun Lai Summit, while doing the Pandaria Remix, I couldn’t help but reflect on how weird it is that the Horde seemingly never even tried to reach out to the Yaungol. I mean I get that Nazgrim was focused on getting new allies and saving the denizens of Eastwind Rest from them was beneficial. But as I fought them, I couldn’t help but feel like it was a missed opportunity.

Now I’m hoping that Chronicle Volume 4 touches on that. Like a reason there wasn’t attempts made or reveal that attempts were made but the Yaungol either rejected them or were too agressive or something.

Meanwhile since the Isle of Dorn is near Pandaria, I could see the opportunity for the Yaungol showing up. Either personally coming to the isle to see what’s going on or perhaps we get the idea to go to them. After all if we have Man’ari as a Draenei skin, perhaps we could get the Yaungol as a Tauren skin, unless Blizzard goes the allied race route. I’m still not sure on their logic when it comes to what races should be skin option or a playable race on their own right.


The yaungol are known to be particularly isolationist and disinterested in outsiders. To the point that after helping the other races overthrow the mogu, they opted to stay on the far side of the Serpent’s Spine and abstained from taking part in the new pandaren empire just so they wouldn’t have to regularly interact with non-yaungol any more.

Their proactive aggression during MoP was completely unnatural and driven by the sha; usually they remain “trapped” in the Townlong Steppes by choice because they want nothing to do with anyone outside their own tribes.


Thanks for the reminder, I really appreciate it.

I still hope that one day at least one tribe will decide to end their isolationists policy and join with their kin under the Horde. After all if a group of Man’ari can decide to seek redemption, then a group of Yaungol could be swayed into uniting with their kin.


MoP remix really reminded me how cool the Yuangol are. They’re such a different flavor of tauren. Like, I love the highmountain tauren, but they’re basically the same as normal tauren, but with moose antlers.

Alas, I don’t think it’s likely to ever happen, but who knows! The next two expansions after TWW are both going back to previous expansion areas, something I NEVER thought would happen. So really anything is on the table now.


These guys are not only isolationists, but extremely aggressive. The only ones who got them to cooperate were the mantid and they had to use chains.
And quite frankly I’d rather have something else then another tauren reskin. If they aren’t gonna bother to create and rig a new skeleton for a new race at least reskin the ones that haven’t been used yet.

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I’m surprised no one but me picked up on the Osul similarities to irl Osage. The Yaungol’s only “crime” was having oil and a natural means of extracting it. The Shao-Pan just slaughtered a whole villiage, stole their pitch and blamed it on the Sha. The only justification given was “they are aggressive” but they settled a hostile land and were the only people strong enough to fight the Mantid.

On top of what previous replies have said about the disposition of the Yaungol, the horde was in a mindset of orcish superiority at the time where most non orcish horde races were being scapegoated and used as cannon fodder. You see it with how the horde treat the blood elves and the hozen of the jade Forrest.

The horde wasn’t really in a mindset at the time to be extending olive branches to prospective allies.


I mean we have 4 elves and 3 dwarves that are playable so heck, a third tauren option that’d actually be different from the other 2 would be awesome (and yeah absolutely something the Horde desperately needs right now to feel like the Horde again)

Yaungol wouldnt make sense as a reskin. Theyre not a skin, they may share the same skeleton but their face, horns and entire bofy is quite different.

Same with Taunka. Theyd both be great ARs.


The fact that Taunka haven’t been made into a playable race - whether through an Allied Race or just an alternate skin - is just downright criminal to me. They’ve been official members of the Horde since Wrath, but have done F - all since then.

I’d reroll my Tauren to a Taunka or Yaungol so fast.


Ive been a big advocate for Taunka for the longest time. Roanauk Ivemist at this point would be the secondnoe third longest reigning Horde Leader lorewise.

He was suppose to be in Legion but the srory was completely revamped after alpha.

Im really hoping to see them become playable for the Horde in The Last Titan when we return to Northrend.

Yaungol is another issue bc we are not seemingly returning to Pandaria for quite a long time. Unless TWW has some more Pandaria focus or influence.


The Yaungol would have been a great addition for the horde, not the least of which is their abilty to throw fire around.

I liked the Taunka story but that bison head looked kind of goofy to me. I could really go for them though if they got a model which was more completely bison whatever that might look like.

On that note. A new model for high mountain as completely Moose men/women instead of just the horns would be good for Tauren diversity.

Not really that much to ask for is it?


I don’t know why they haven’t added more Allied races. Allied races don’t have to be expansion related content they could be like heritage quests that just beef up patch content.

Additions of Amani, Saberon, San’layn, Mok’nathal, Taunka or Yaungol could be killer content.


A tauren confederation being an actual thing would rock.

It involves tauren other than Baine so ofc it hasn’t happened.


I mean even anything involving Baine isn’t guaranteed as Shadowlands has shown us,.

Tauren story beats for a very long time have been “Here’s a village that got disappeared” or “Our Chieftain died/was killed”

Id agree itd be killer content, but it is much easier for them to add the races as they are involved in the story for the most part.

All of the ones you mentioned would require completely revamped male and female models, on top of the storyline and so on.

Forest Trolls are very possible in Midnight, and Taunka in TLT since they presumably will get updated assets. But i wouldnt expect Mok’nathal, which only has Rexxars unique model and nothing more.

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Honestly I’m surprised Garrosh didn’t try get the Mogu to join him, but I suppose in his mindset “There’s only room for ONE kingpin race …” which is why he kicked all the others out. lol


They can use these models for male and female Mok’nathal when we know Rexxar uses the male Kul Tiran model. :dracthyr_yay_animated:


I would prefer to see Mogu as neutral race. :dracthyr_nod:

Garrosh is very orc centrist. But what I don’t understand is why he didn’t try to get Taunka, Forest Trolls (Revantusk), Dragonmaw Orcs and Ogres (Stonemaul) to join him in this new war in Padaria. :dracthyr_yay_animated:


They are not a neutral race. They are a supremacist race. They only tolerated the zandalari as worshippers. So if you are thinking they can join the factions, you got it backwards, the factions would have to join them as subjects of their empire.