The Whitemane Queue is 72 minutes

Or they could just toggle a software switch that already exists in the game and let us continue to play on this dope server.

Layers were only intended for the initial rush of Classic during launch, it was to be turned off permanently afterwards.

They gave you an out and you decided not to take it. Not our fault you decided to be on one of the mega servers.

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They had no idea what the state of the game would be like at this point. Plus, they could raise the player cap and actually ban the bots. While questing on my Warrior today I saw at the very least 10+ bots per zone.

Free HKs, but still completely stuffing up the server population.

No, it’s not your fault. But layers on my server also have no impact on your game experience, so why are you so upset about them? Playing on a massive layered server is a lot of fun, but nobody is forcing you to do it yourself. The vast majority of paying customers in Whitemane would prefer to continue playing on Whitemane for the duration of Classic without dealing with 6 hour queues, and the solution to enable this already exists.

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Exactly. Players who want to be on a large population server without queues should have a layered option. We are willing to suffer the consequences of layering to live without queues. Please make this happen before it is too late and we lose more players to queue attrition.

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It’s 3:25 server time and there’s already a 900+ person queue.

That sucks.

I rather enjoy my server where I never need to sit in queue. Hopefully something will change to help Whitemane at some point.

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I have raid in 4 hours. The only way to make it is if we all log in now, 4 hours BEFORE RAID STARTS to avoid the 4500 queue, which is over 3 hrs…

Blizzard, you’re making smart changes lately, please don’t be blind to making more.

Enable Layers on Whitemane.

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1150+ Queue. Wait time is already at an hour. We all know from experience that because people are not logging off that the actual queue is more like 25-50% longer than the estimate. I raid at 6PM server. That means I have to get in queue now, hope that enough people get off that I actually make it in time and if I DO make it in time, whether that’s 45 minutes from now or 1 hour and 45 minutes from now, I’m then chained to my computer and away from my wife and kids. This is miserable. FIX THIS PLEASE!

Great solution.

Hey guild, we’re all going to transfer to a server that will die again as soon as quarantine is over! To hell with your other friends and family that aren’t in our guild and who cares that the problem could easily be fixed by Blizzard with a flip of a switch to no real detriment? Off we go!

Off-topic, has COVID held up your MENSA plaque being delivered in the mail? I bet it’ll be there any day now.

I used to just log in remotely from my work PC. Doesn’t solve the problem of having to sit in a queue, but it might get you online for your raids in time.

Maybe you guys should start doing a /who of Deadmines and Uldaman and Strat . There’s thousands of low level bots farming low level content.

That’s where the queue spots are being held.

“Transfer off to a low pop server” Shut the Fukc up. Not leaving a server with hundreds of friends because of the horde of bots online for weeks at a time.

You were warned back in August of queues. Either deal with the queues or transfer.

This is out of control. It’s seriously bots - I have pictures of the abuse. I wish it mattered, but it doesn’t. Layering is the only thing that will help, passively.

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You chime in on nearly every thread about queues with real strong opinions but never any real examples of a serious downside to layers that outweigh the benefits.

The real question is “Why do you care so much?” What do you gain by acting as a self-appointed goalkeeper for Blizzard?


i mean many guilds transferred off servers together right before p2

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I got 60 HKs in under 30 minutes just leveling my Warrior in the Shimmering Flats. I died once, to a real player that saw me ganking the bots.

Over the next few minutes, we’re enabling a second layer for the Herod and Whitemane realms. This is a step we’re taking very carefully to make it so that players can enjoy playing on those realms during peak hours.

It has been a very high priority for us to understand why, after we de-layered ten realms on May 14, these two realms reversed course and experienced this, while the others did not. We will continue to pay very close attention to this situation and make adjustments to the game service as necessary.

As before, Herod and Whitemane remain restricted from the Character Transfer service .

Thank you @Blizzard for listening! Thank you @community for speaking! We did it!!!

Or I can just stay on Whitemane with layering, a great community, and an extremely high pop server. Now go make a post about how you’re mad about this. Cya nerd.

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Does this mean you guys are now gonna go back to complaining about how world buffs aren’t working due to layering?

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