The Verdict is In: Mage Tower Overtuned/Undertuned?

Just wanted this highlighted for the bootlickers saying this was “fine”.

As someone who did the majority of these back in Legion BEFORE Tomb of Sargeras gearing/Artifacts being overloaded, I can tell you this is straight up harder. This felt like I was doing the same challenge, but decided I wanted to do it without my legendaries or artifact.

Glad Blizzard saw the same thing.



So, bootlickers are people who enjoy a challenge. k


They just admitted it was overtuned for SOME specs. Others are fine, according to them, it seems. Or maybe, they were referring to specific challenges, like the Xylem one.

you are not allowed to be better than him.

how dare you?


Nah, the bootlickers are the one’s who couldn’t fathom how players who already beat it back then, couldn’t beat it now and we’re calling it overtuned. Nice try!


They said some challenges Twins is messed up. Feltotem is pretty fair. But I’d wager the majority of specs are overtuned.


Back then many players beat it because they outgeared it. They can’t beat it now because they can’t outgear it. All of a sudden it turned into a skill issue.

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Probably have more mage tower challenge than them/could beat them in a duel, but hey, you do you.



More like tuning issue…


Anyone who has it says undertuned? Lol (no fury or bm etc)

According to your rogue on Illidan I don’t think you need to try and brag on anyone anmd talk bad about anyone else.

for the unskilled… yes.

The bootlickers are the delusional few who think the healer challenge is properly tuned, who think Xylem doing ~20% per Frostbolt is properly tuned. Please don’t be one of them Diandarla.


There were several people with enough credentials to take seriously when they said it was too difficult. I don’t know that the incoming adjustments are going to be the watered down content the low-skill players expect, though. Failing at mechanical challenge is likely to remain a permanent barrier, I wager.

Regardless, I do agree with the sentiment that it should be no harder than the original encounters when they were relevant. Let’s see what shakes out.

Cool, I got Aotc and unsubbed and just came back for mage tower. Just because you play moreand outgear means nothing. Equal ilvl duel I’d probably win.

I really don’t care anyway, I know I’m probably better, just wanted to gloat based on the Blizzard post. I won’t even be reading and replying anymore so have the last post.


If “casual” players couldn’t outgear the mage tower when it was current the success rate would be low as well.

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I wasn’t talking about getting an aotc. I was talking about your overall past and dates, you have no business thinking you can sit up on that high horse.

You have no business trying to sit on a pvp high horse either. It doesn’t take much to get to 1500. Anyways, this is off topic. We should end this conversation. Have a good day.

Well aware of that. People who completed it in 7.3 trying to use that as a frame of reference for what the difficulty should be is like arguing that Mythic SoD should be tuned to Heroic Nathria.