The times they are a changin...regarding Duel Tournaments for cash prizes in WoW

um, yea he did broheim…

nope…see video and reddit link above

You have no right to segregate people just because you don’t like them.

you aren’t forced to be subject to a streamer or his community. you do not have to engage with them or pay attention to them.

it seem you are choosing to pay attention to them; that is your “CHOICE.” but no one is forcing you to. you are doing it on your own and then getting frustrated with your decision.

segregation has already been proven to be, you know, bad. get with the times.

The unfortunate reality is that this was not unexpected. Even in 2006 and 2007, well before the age of streamers and twitch, Blizzard wanted to woo opinion-makers, the people who other players look to.

I’m repeating myself again, but it’s been the industry standard to pamper and pay off streamers and people with early access and swag to promote their events or games. (see: Fallout 76’s canvas bag controversy, where they gave canvas bags to influencers and streamers in the preview phase)

“Blizzard, according to Pardo, envisions their market as a donut, with the core players at the center and a more casual audience around that.”

This is a video of Mike Morhaime speaking at GDC 2007 (near TBC’s launch), and he has this to say about how Blizzard views the game market, and basically how every other corporation has done so in the last twenty years:

Find out where which server they are playing on and then pick one of the other that I am sure will be created. You aren’t force to play with any streamers. You will have options.

well duh cuz I actually want to TEST STUFF OUT and have wanted answers to my theory crafting questions literally for YEARS…

Of course I would be. What happens when a streamer with 20k followers says “Lets have an event in stormwind” and the people on his server plus another 5,000 level 1 paladins show up in stormwind city?

  1. can the server handle it? I dont know,
  2. Are you saying I should just avoid stormwind city until the event is over. and if I am forced to take action to AVOID the streamer and his event, is that not forcing me to interact?

tell that to Trollgodx…


If seeing other people in an MMORPG bothers you, the problem is inward

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I’d rather just dip you both into ice water and let you chill for a bit till you agree to stop this endless bickering.

you’re reading into it because you hate him as a person, your bias is blinding you to differing opinions being, well opinions. and now that he’s ‘’ changed his mind’’ or at least admitted to being wrong saying he wish’s he didn’t like vanilla you’re angry because…people can change their mind i guess.
personally i find being that blind and stubborn as a bad thing.

They made an i quit thread earlier but have abandoned it i guess because nobody was agreeing with them. now they’re here spouting the same ‘‘i have a right to segregation’’ nonsense.

You literally just said I wouldnt be forced to interact with them.

Now its that the problem is “inward”.

SEEING someone is not the same thing as interacting with them. You can by all accounts choose walk right by everyone and not have your gameplay effected in the slightest.

Yeah, no. One only needs to look at Project 60 and 70. The big streamers all organized and decided to play on live retail servers and caused all sorts of lag and even crashed Sisters of Elune as thousands of players all logged in at the same time in the Blood Elf lands.

Streamers are fine, but if they choose poorly, their presence doesn’t help a realm, it hurts them quite a bit.

And if they choose to spam emotes and cause server lag again, they will be banned again. But there are exponentially more instances where that didn’t happen. Don’t cling to outliers and act like that is going to happen all the time. Being a streamer is not a bannable offense. Doing bannable things is a bannable offense. Action will be taken accordingly.


This irrational hatred of streamers is getting out of hand. So many of these ridiculous threads just looking for any and every excuse to trash talk streamers.

We get it, you guys hate streamers.

Oh, stop misleading people, would you?

#NoChanges is about not making changes to the game. It has absolutely nothing to do with their ToS.

Dueling tournaments with cash prizes are not solicitation. Look up the definition.

Why does that even matter? There’s no NDA. They’re well within their rights to stream the game and accept donations.

No, it isn’t. A prize for a tournament is not gambling. Gambling is betting money on something with an uncertain income. There was no betting involved.

Could be he never changed his mind.
Was he one of the selected few inivited to Blizz HQ a few days before Beta was announced ?

No, because he was banned for exploiting the leveling potion stacking bug so he missed out on going to that event.

You’re the only one so far who said anything about it would happen all the time.

You have gone from it would NEVER happen, no one would even know streamers exist!

to - oh well SEEING them isnt a problem

to - oh well its OUTLIERS and it will RARELY happen.

A simple note - this server does not permit streaming.

thats all blizzard has to do. Now you and I wont have to play together since you will be with your precious streamers.