The stuns need to go in horrific visions

Of course I’m here to argue, you still haven’t explained what in horrific visions is RNG based and looking for pity points on a public forums isn’t helping you much when there’s proof that other resto druids have done the same content at near or close to the same gear ilvl as you.

I’m might not be the best at horrific visions(since everyone seems to be about mass pulling) but least I’ve done my 5-mask:

oh gz man. must have been hard to hit that… interrupt button. man, color me impressed.

Pity? Oh, yea. Clearly that’s what I want here. Yep. you got it.

Must be hard playing the best horrific vision healer and still dying to an easy mechanic.

Clearly you’re looking for Blizzard to give you get outta jail free card for poor skill.

Edit: Instead you’re here on the forums instead of getting gear, watching videos of resto druids clearing 5-mask and putting that 2k M+ experience to use.

This is a stunning thread.


ah right. easy. i’ll just… kic… I mean… silen… I mean… man if only I could find that kick button.

Clearly I have already stated what I’d like, but players like you have to cry about any request for balance.

boo hooo… booooo hoooo, this guy has a reasonable request and wants the content to be balanced… he must literally be garbage… sniffle.

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You’re right, I’m a master of the feedback game. Just look at this thread from BFA beta where all the feedback we asked for made it into the game.

P.S. Still waiting for those changes, 2 years later.

so why you here attacking me then? weird.

You know, if I started off this thread saying “THIS CONTENT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR HEALS” i could totally understand some of the responses.

But… I didn’t. I’m just looking for a way to balance the content around specs without a kick. This isn’t unreasonable. There are plenty of ways to make this work for everyone.

Why is that tough?

I do think I’ll be able to clear it with 5 masks soon, but it would be great to make the content, especially these visions, more about doing the mechanics correctly, rather then simply powering through them.

Attacking? Are you actually serious?

Saying: “Hey look, I suggest using formless void or maybe you need to get more gear or watch some videos.” is suddenly attacking.

The one quip about M+ was a damn joke because obviously you’re skilled enough to do Mythic keys at +15 which is more than it takes at your level to do a 5 mask run.

is this a PVP Restro Druid? or a Druid main?
They are clearly making full use of their tool kit.

Cant you talent into a 5 second stun?

460 is more than adequate. Just like how 460 is more than adequate to kill mythic raid bosses. Yet here we are with people most likely without full teched out research trees, not a rank 15 cloak, complaining about how it is “too hard” and not everyone will be able to burst for 800k.

I’d also like to point out the holy priest in that video was using a 445 trinket (I am going to assume it is a mythic nautilus) from the previous raid tier. The other alternative trinket most use is a 415 trinket from mechagon. IL doesn’t mean a whole lot in case you didn’t know.

As I already posted here

timestamp of a restodruid absolutely decimating the OPTIONAL pack you keep complaining about. It really isn’t that hard, but don’t worry I will take the 20 seconds to look up something you already could have done instead of coming here crying “impossible”.

You can PUG it, if you’re cool with risking a vessel waste.

It’s better to have friends.

Because people don’t want to actually take feedback and L2P. There is zero reason to take Typhoon over Mighty Bash. Rarely do you need to deal with 2 targets at a time that need interrupted via Typhoon. Also, Mighty Bash also being dual purpose since it affects the annoying tentacles that burrow.

If you can’t burst 205k in like 6 seconds, it isn’t on the game. Hell, Crucible of Flame on the 3rd cast (which most other healer videos I have watched of these uses btw) almost one shots these on a crit since it does over 100k before the DoT.

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You don’t need to tell me that, I’d never take mighty bash. I already know it’s not as useful as Typhoon.

Also, I’ve told the OP about the 3rd cast of Crucible too.

You also gotta hope typhoon even works, if theres a slight bump or breeze it does nothing.

It’s being advertised as scaling content, not solo content specifically.

Solo not working out? Grab a friend or two.

OP is talking about 5 mask clearing anyway. That implies they’ve had no issues full clearing prior to that. As a healer. I think that’s pretty good.

It’s also relevant that -every- class that can tank or heal can also just swap to DPS. People who refuse to do that under any circumstances are a pain. Healers and Tanks are DESIGNED for group content.


I literally haven’t been making any complaints about just that pack. It really isn’t that hard? Yea man? Did you see that it was a tauren that used their racial to stop the cast? BRB, better swap. I literally said nothing about it being impossible. Nothing even close. I actually said the opposite of that. As I have already stated time and time again, I’m well aware of the fact that there is a lot of RNG at play her.

I mean, you can’t even spot the RNG in the clip you posted and want to come here and tel me whats up?

but hey bud, considering you have done… what… 1 mask? oh gz bud.

because people actually attempting the content versus people who talk about it. like you.

I have already done a 4 mask and ended with and orb and half a bar of sanity. I’m not even getting to that part though because I’m just dying to mechanic that many specs easily avoid.

That’s the point here. It shouldn’t even be a discussion point. There are plenty of ways to make this balanced. That is all I’m asking for.

yes, a lucky crit. It’s almost like the RNG I have been talking about in the rest of the thread.

I’m well aware of how it works.

Even in the example posted, there are two things that prevent the cast from going off. First, tauren racial, 2nd is a lucky crit.

If you look at the screen you can see the Tauren racial isn’t necessary since Typhoon is still off cooldown, but sure it was Tauren being super OP :roll_eyes:

super OP? ah, you like making things up. got it.

how about trying the content then getting back to me.