The Store Mount is 100% speed even at 40

Same. More like mounts in retail. It just lets you go as fast as your training.

But we shall see.

I wanted a warpstalker when tbc released initally. I thought they would make it in, only took…15 years LOL

This sounds like money well spent. Now if they can gives us paid profession boosts to go with it…

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OK, I did my own digging, and I have ACTUAL links that are NOT YT Vids, and how the YTer got to that conclusion.

Speed: (should be noted, I had to type in “phase hunter” under the “Database > Spells > Uncategorized” Section, to pull this up which is the only info I got from the Video)
Speed-Mount: (actual Mount link, from the Speed Link)

EDIT: I (also) want to note that it does say “Requires Level 1” on the Spell, itself which is on the same page (and video) of the “Speed”, so guess Level 1s are going to be riding around on 100% Speed Mounts, eh?

I don’t think folks here understand the terminology they use.

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Also notice how it has a checkbox for “journeyman riding” and when you check it, it changes the description from its normal description to “this is a very fast mount”.

So yeah it changes speed depending on skill. /thread


It just feels weird that they would put a mount like this in TBC without having sold a mount like that in retail.

There are no retail mounts that allow 100% movespeed that early.

And, that it’s a Spell (like how in the Standard Game makes Mounts behave these days) rather than an actual item (like in Classic).

AND, that it “requires Level 1” (which the Video showed, as well). So, does that mean Level 1s are riding around on 100% Speed Mounts? LOL

I wouldn’t know that. Haven’t touched retail, so ill take your word for it. But yea that is weird then. Then again, retail is a completely different game nowadays where lvling isn’t as time consuming (I guess?).

Who knows. Maybe we just give em ideas

No the ‘spell’ is the buff you get for riding the mount, that’s how it’s always worked. Like in classic when you mount up you get a buff that is your mount on your buff bar.

The ‘requires level one’ doesn’t mean anything it just means anyone can get the buff. You need to be a certain level to purchase the riding skill so you can’t ride it until then.

This is what a normal 100% mount looks like

Still a spell, still requires ‘level 1’ but there isn’t a check box for riding skill to change its description because it’s an epic riding mount only.

Hey dude if you think there will be a 100% mount at 40, then wait til you hear about this:

I have sure thing investment, and if you venmo me $100 today, I’ll send back $1000 next week.


I don’t know why this actually made me chuckle, thanks.

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He can’t just say wrong things to get clicks though. Asmongold and Esfand were just talking about it. Apparently, its data mined.

so is it 100% at 40 or not? Any blues?

No. It’s not.

Yes, but if it’s an alt you’ll have to buy that riding skill anyway to get access to flying.

I’ll back them up on that. The way mounts work in retail now is they scale. So you can mount them at level 20, but it’ll do a check to see what your riding skill is and move that speed appropriately. I could get on my epic mount in my mount collection on retail on a level 20, but it’ll move at 60% speed. It won’t go to 100% speed until I get the 150 riding learned at 40. IDK if these numbers changed at all with the level squish, I imagine so but I don’t have them on hand.

Additionally flying mounts don’t gain the ability to fly until you have flying unlocked with the 225 riding. All they’ll do is jump.

No to both of your questions.


True bc mounts come at 30 not 40 now