The Spelladin - new Retribution meta for Classic

I dont know what is more amusing the fact you are quoting a change to tooltip and not item change or the fact you believe your “testing” is credible.

zomg so many battle/guardian elixirs - Nihilum must have hacked the game…


You do realize you actually proved our point. One flask, one weapon enhancement, one food buff, one elixir, and two potions.


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i didn’t call you a bad word lolz

youre the one whos actively trolling here not me


Buh bye now. Ill wait until classic this summer when you come here conplaining your precious data is right and blizzard is wrong.

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what are you even on about?

i’ve got unanswered questions that Classic will help answer once and for all - what the hell have you ever done bro?

or are you posting on another account since your other accounts were already flagged/banned for trolling/harassing me?

if so then that’s a perma ban from the forums lol


Uh huh, ever consider just alot of people know you are out of your mind?

Enjoy being subpar in classic, keep dreaming in your fantasy land.

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from the guy who said Battle/Guardian Elixirs were a thing in Vanilla…



They were, just like how item level existed in classic. You quoted a tool tip change. Wowhead-classic is the authority on the matter and it says you’re wrong.

Enjoy healing, dont forget your robes of the exalted.

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did u even watch the Nihilum video?

how was he able to have all those buffs?

riddle me that batman

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Already told you scroll up^

O also don’t forget to get mana pots and runes. Very imprtant for healers.

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you really are “special”


Nice post!

You must really enjoy your vacations you get. Also it is also against ToS to post videos of you or direct affliates misusing blizzard property such as private servers.

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I hate to burst your bubble, but paladin tier 2 has spell healing on it. It won’t do ret a bit of good.


says the trollololol

the stats changed 3 times over the course of Vanilla

  • first it was a full on Ret set with loads of STR/AGI
  • in 1.6 when BWL launched, it was changed to only +healing
  • in 1.9 it was changed again to +spell dmg/healing

since Classic will be set at 1.12 then the last version is the stat allocation that will be available (spell dmg/healing)


So like a Mage Knight.


actually more like this to be accurate…


You do realize that trolling/harrassing a particular player on forums in the manner seen in this thread is also against ToS too right? Just stating facts lad.


Trolling whose trolling? Given the fact he has been banned numerous times from these forums for calling other players “special” among numerous other things, and knowing he would do it again with the slightest opposition to his pretend authority is not trolling. If it was I would of been banned, but i havent been.

Besides in the end posting and admitting to owning a private server to test in is very illegal in both forum conduct and is technically stealing intellectual property.

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