The Slime Cat Controversy: The Solutions

It’s always kind of been like this. The funny thing is they hurt the community more than anything because they enable Blizz to do whatever with no consequences.


Then that is their problem. That’s why each character has individual lockouts outside of mythic.

I would just fill them with pugs just like I have done every tier this expansion.

Its not impossible at all. If people dont want to put some minor effort into getting the mount then thats a them issues.

No, it would need to be heroic at the minimum.

Those communities can still help people get it with the 31 bosses.

Slime Cat was never rewarded from LFR meaning it cant be given back.

Also No.

The easy solution is to not mislead customers for 3 months with a live achievement stating any difficulty.


To be fair it was on PTR and its subject to change.

The achievement was listed on the live servers for some reason is what I’ve come to understand.

Then they put the hotfix of the wording of it the day before release.

But we can avoid that possibility and go into how folks asked for clarity 3 months ago in general if LFR was included. It was radio silence until a week ago.


“You opinion is different than mine, I hate you! Go sit in the corner and just dont speak like an idiot Unga Bunga” - You.

It’s been on live server since May 31 2022 with 9.2.5 saying Any Difficulty.


Thats because they move achievements and small parts of the patch over early to help on patch day. Its still part of the PTR and subject to change.

It wasnt the day before release. its been over a week and patch was last night.

I am not saying that Blizz isnt handling this terribly but based on their actions its my opinion that the slimecat was never intended to be rewarded from LFR and they didnt realize it till they changed it.

Any achievment that has to do with the upcoming patch on PTR is subject to change even if its moved over to live early to assist in prepatch.

The fact its been on live means absolutely nothing.

This was never presented as an AotC mount. If it had, there would have been no controversy. And also, a lot of people who were told they would be able to do it in LFR wouldn’t have prepurchased and resubscribed to do it.

This is not PvP. Although I think trying to force all PvPers into arena was a weird mistake.

For people for whom LFR is the right level of difficulty, completing 3 full raids on any difficulty will be a major challenge. But I wouldn’t expect you to understand that, since, as a player who doesn’t even remember what it was like to be a beginner, and who has been exclusively doing hard content for the majority of the many years you have spent in the game, you undoubtedly think you are an “average player” as though those in the top 1% can be considered “average” in any way.

Calling completing 3 full raids for a player who has never completed any of these before as “a TINY (better get those caps in there to let those people know how you really feel about them) bit of work” is just so out of touch with reality.


Sorry but they deserve the backlash. You don’t lead folks on for 3 months and then clarify a week or w/e before the release. The post that they responded with the clarification was 3 months too late and they should have shown some integrity and just left it as is.


Where’s all the complaining about the book? The book is much more difficult to get AND requires multiple characters to even attempt. You just need one character for the cat, and many other people to cover for your shortcomings.

The confusion with the tooltip was that LFR was not originally slated to be fated. If you remember before the mount was a thing, there was also backlash to making LFR harder (through fated) so they weren’t going to do it. That’s why it said any difficulty referring to the fated raids.


Were you on extended hiatus from the game or something when that was a hot topic?

So they changed something that was announced before final release? Don’t they do that often?

I think Blizzard made it pretty obvious with their post about friendship runs that they are hoping this will increase the participation of lower difficulty raids like normal as the content itself is very good.

WoW raiding is the highest of any MMORPG and it’s not even remotely close. If this even gets a handful of people to try out normal It should be considered a win.

Why is it still not one? The condition to acquire the book hasn’t changed.

I mean, the book isn’t time sensitive and is solo content. It’s not the same situation.

There also wasn’t miscommunication on how it would be handled.


Oh so you think with all the borrowed powers that’s gonna be shifted into talents, that it’s still gonna be doable? Must be cool living in a world with unicorns.

FFXIV gives WoW a run for its money. WoW Mythic Raiding is harder but FFXIV (unless your cheating) doesn’t allow addons.