The Slime Cat Controversy: The Solutions

This is the easiest normal tier of all time. You could legit blast it in half wearing +0 mythic dungeon gear now.

I don’t take any complaints about the cat not being in LFR seriously, it’s so easy, guys.

According to Blizz:

They are hoping for Friendship communities to help those who cant do normal (generally because of time restraints, they can easily do M+20’s but cant do Normal because they can’t alot 3 hours of uninterrupted time).

The issue at hand is no one will be doing friendship communities for the mount if it requires all 31 boss kills, almost no group will carry people through all 31 bosses. The only way we will see friendship communities is if the mount only requires you to kill Sire/Sylvanas/Jailer on normal.

I’m not complaining about it not being in LFR. What I’m complaining about is as it stands right now requires you to kill all 31 bosses. Nearly no friendship group will carry people through all 31 bosses. It either needs to be just Sire/Sylvanas/Jailer kills on normal OR if Blizzard really wants you to kill all 31 bosses on fated then move it to LFR.

The issue with raiding for alot of people who have the skill to do it (high M+ keys, clearing all the mage towers etc) but can’t raid is because they can’t commit to a 3 hour session thats uninterrupted.

The general issue with Normal Raids (and really modern raids, personally would rather 3 raids in a tier each with 2-5 bosses) is that they are long and require a uninterrupted time commitment.


The issue is that they would disagree right here. They are convinced they have never made a mistake of any sort. Even if they did realize they had made a mistake they would never admit it. Anytime there are problems they blame the playerbase.

This person is not speaking for Blizzard, illustrated by his phrase “I’m personally hoping”.


Add Slime Cat Mount back to LFR!
Also Wow Devs, could you please actually talk to the community/player base about all the back and forth concerning Slime Cat! Communication would be a great option to choose right about now.


Honestly im fairly certain it was the casual forum posters who voted grimrail depo as a mythic dungeon this season just to spite us people who actually do keys, so now we can all just suffer together.

I mean I voted for UBRS and Iron Docks so don’t blame me :stuck_out_tongue:

Grimrail is fun to do once or twice but gets boring after that.

Third solution: Make the PTR private, set up an NDA, and ban people who break it.

Since this is what happens when WoW players are allowed to see pre-release info.

As far as certainty of opinions goes, I’m fairly certain that Blizzard wanted to have mythic+ include Grimrail Depot, but they didn’t want to have to accept responsibility for such a dumb decision. So they put it up to “the playerbase”, ie every paying customer and every employee and all their level 10 alts, knowing that the trolls would of course vote for Grimrail Depot.

What “pre-release info”? The slime kitty? That was in the achivement panel on live until Sunday.

How about remove players from the forums who are outright lying?


This was literally in the live game though with the 9.2.5 patch (for months!!!). The achievement said any difficulty.

Heavy encryption for Storylines however is highly welcomed :slight_smile:


It isn’t “in the game” anymore than Martin’s Fury is until you can actually progress toward earning the achievment.

Problem: Need to do normal to get slime mount
Actual solution: Do normal to get slime mount

Give slime cat to LFR and call it a day, y’all. Some of you are way to set on gatekeeping rewards in a video game and it is weird.


Problem: Needing to do all 31 normal bosses to get slime mount
Solution (preferably): Only need to do Sire/Sylvanas/Jailer for mount on normal. (Allowing for friendship communities to carry people through, no friendship community is going to carry people through all 31 bosses).
Secondary Solution (if Blizz really wants us to kill all 31 bosses): Allow LFR to count.

The achievement was in the live game for months. And had the same wording as the Wing Clear of (X) Raid achievements which counts LFR towards the progress. Before 9.2.5 hit live on the PTR it had the same wording. For the past 3+ months players saw that it would allow LFR to count.

Martin’s Fury was a GM item and should never have been given to a player. That is not the same as the issue at hand.


You’re going to have to help me here and explain why the slime cat mount is such a huge issue when every patch the new raid has a AoTC mount (usually) that goes away and Arena gets a exclusive mount and armor set only obtainable for gladiators.

Like why is this specific mount such a huge issue that people couldn’t fathom working a TINY bit for a mount?

It really is though. Y’all were ogling unreleased content, it changed before release, and you got mad.

The solution is just not to allow you to see anything before it’s released. Because it’s unreasonable to expect y’all to behave.

I think ppl should just vote with your wallet. Blizzard already started backpedaling when things got recently bad, did a bunch of PR control, and now they’re stuck doing the same things and making the same mistakes. Let their be under a million subs, and see how they start listening, but you can’t bluff, just play something else, you’ll probably be glad you made this decision.


So for starters as with many of the AotC mounts in the past (I used to help carry people for Argus and N’Zoth in the friendship communities) you have friendship communities come up towards the end of the expansion to carry people for the AotC kill for the mount ie Friendship Moose/Bird etc.

If the achievement only required you to kill Sire, Sylvanas, and Jailer on normal there wouldn’t really be an issue at all. We would see alot of the Friendship communities come again for the slime cat mount.

The issue is you need to kill all 31 bosses. Casual players who only do LFR and Skilled players who can do M+20 keys and Mage Towers but cant commit to 3 hours of uninterrupted gameplay (because maybe they have a newborn, kids, etc) are out of luck. Friendship communities won’t really arise as prominent (if at all) as they do for the AotC mounts because you need to kill 31 bosses. No friendship community (which carters to the aforementioned people) wants to carry 1-3 people through all 31 bosses (or 10/11 per fated raid).

So it comes down to either having the slime mount achievement requiring you to kill just Sire, Sylvanas and Jailer OR allowing LFR to count.

I mean I would unsub, but I’m playing Classic and enjoying it, finally leveling the last 3 classes I have left to level to 70 where the 50% exp event is live.

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So people can find a group or a guild or not get it

Man the cognitive dissonance with these shilling forum trolls is reaching crazy levels these days. Add slime cat back to LFR.


Those people simply can’t put aside 3 hours of uninterrupted time to kill 31 bosses. How would you like if you have pugs in your group leaving after 45mins to an hour after they join because they can’t commit to 3 hours because of IRL stuff.

For those people the slime mount is essentially impossible to get.

What part of people who are skilled and likely can kill Heroic/Mythic bosses but don’t have the time to raid 3 hours a night for 2 days a week don’t you understand?

The best outcome in my opinion is to have the slime cat mount only require you to kill Sire Denathius and Sylvanas Windrunner and The Jailer on Normal.

That way there friendship communities (and guilds) can help those in need be it those who only do LFR or those who simply dont have the 3 straight hours they can commit, get their slime mount.