The Slime Cat Controversy: The Solutions

You really screwed up big this time Blizz that’s all I can really say. There are really only 2 good solutions available.

  1. Return Slime cat to LFR requiring all Boss Kills.
  2. Make it so only the last boss of each raid needs to be killed on normal or higher for it.

As it stands right now requiring all bosses on normal is only going to benefit boosters. Probably looking at $300 USD worth of WoW Token gold.

As for the Blue Post mentioning Friendship Moose there is also a major difference between carrying someone through just the final boss of the tier vs every single raid boss (all 31 bosses). No raid group wants to carry a person through the entire raid.

As such either Slime cat needs to be reintroduced to LFR requiring the 31 kills OR to acquire the Slime cat you only need to kill Normal Sire Denathrius, Sylvanas, and Jailer.


I like this. I support this.


Just run normal. Problem solved.


Or change it back to ANY difficulty.

People who do LFR can get the mount.

People who normal can get the mount.

People who do heroic can get the mount.

People who do mythic can get the mount.

Seems like a simple way to maximize engagement and make more people happy.


that requires effort, too much to ask

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It’s initial design was for every player to get it as a prize if it received the most votes. Now, it is not accessible to people who can’t raid or don’t enjoy organized raiding. A lot of players who voted for it will be excluded from getting it. The book mount is tough to achieve, but is at least accessible to all players being a solo activity that is not FOMO.

The slime cat went from being a fun prize for every player to a FOMO queued content reward to finally an organized group FOMO reward that excludes a ton of players.

It should be put back in LFR. Simple as.


Exactly this

Why is it so hard

Just give LFR players the damn mount


you act like finding a normal raid groupon lfr is hard . its not relax my guy

As this is what they said for months with the achievements, even when the achievements went live, this is what they should do, keep their word.


Not seeing what problem these solutions resolve.

That’s like telling a person with depression “have you tried not having depression?”


Blah blah blah

You say nothing worth reading.


This sounds good.

Blizz could also just replace my tree w the kitty.

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I have a solution too… Just don’t get the mount if it doesn’t fit in your schedule.

Laughable. If you’re competent enough to complete the Mage Tower challenges, there’s nothing stopping you from killing a few normal bosses a week until you have this mount.

I don’t see why this was removed from LFR, and why some are against people getting it on LFR. It’s a ground mount that honestly few will use. Just give it to LFR. Make it something everyone can get.


There are already raid exclusive mounts that I know I will never get. Guess I have to add the slime kitty. LFR is the only option to raid as I cannot sit for 4-6 hours at a time to full-clear a raid, nor would I want to endure such suffering (I LOATHE raiding). Why Blizzard cares if I clear a wing of LFR at my own pace to eventually obtain yet another cat mount confounds me. But, you do you, Blizzard. You are really on a roll with messing up dracthyr soaring, and the slime cat this week. You really know how to be the anti-fun police, and alienate your paying customers. RIP slime kitty, I guess.


The book mount is gated purely by skill. You can practice 10-15 minutes a day if you want. The slime cat is gated by being FOMO, requiring other players, enough gear to get invited to groups and enough time to invest in finding groups on the bosses you’ll need.

If you can’t see the difference, you’re not worth dignifying further.


It is really bizarre they don’t think killing 30 bosses in LFR is enough effort for this. It would probably take 10 times the amount of time as it would take in a normal guild raid group to do it in LFR and require a lot more effort as well.


lol… Riding the outrage bandwagon, flinging his meaningless buzzword, feigning condescension about other people’s intelligence. Classic.

Even if this season only lasted for 3 months, that’s 4 rotations of the Fated cycle. You’d literally only have to kill 3 bosses a week at most to get the mount. Cry harder about FOMO.