The Slime Cat Controversy: The Solutions

No solution needed as there isn’t a problem.

if you want the reward, do the content associated with it.

And have a different difficulty be a different color.

LFR: Pink

Normal: Green

Heroic: Red

Mythic: Blue and Black.

The mount is grounded so why not make it fly for Heroic and Mythic. Different modes different quality.

LFR/Normal: Grounded

Heroic/Mythic: Flying

I can’t believe people don’t think it should fly if it’s going to be ripped away from LFR.

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How can something be ripped away if it was never available in the first place? Is there this much drama about the “Glory of the [blank] Raider” achievement mounts only being available on Normal+? I’ve never seen it.

Personally, I don’t think sticking to LFR is a good way to play the game at all. I think incentives to raid are pretty good, as long as they are cosmetic like this.

It was changed 5 day before S4 dropped sorry you don’t see this as a sleazy move. 2 month change would of been nice for people to be more prepared.


Prepared for what? If you absolutely refuse to raid anything higher than LFR, what difference would the tooltip being different have made?

The issue is that you need to kill 31 bosses. Compared to your AotC mounts which are just 1 boss kill and its easy to carry people through a single heroic boss (And usually didn’t take long 20 or so mins at most). Now you need to carry people in your guild through 31 bosses on normal which is going to require a huge time investment.

I’m only really playing Classic at this point till DF and could care less Shadowlands has been the second worst expansion, if it was for obtainable via LFR I might have logged onto retail and banged it out otherwise I don’t care if it get it or not.

When me and my guild were regularly carrying 1-3 others for their Heroic Argus and N’Zoth kills its easy to carry them for 1 boss. Carrying a single person through 31 bosses even on normal is going to be a pain in the butt.

Also a very good point given the other voteable mounts that have come in the game.

Generally the issue is time commitment with most people. You have people who can bang out M+ 20’s but cant do normal raids because they can’t commit. Especially where you need to kill all 31 bosses and not just Sire/Sylvanas/Jailer (which if the achivement stays normal it should require only those 3 kills).

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People would of thought to go get better gear for the mount. Casuals don’t have the 4 hour window like raiders.

You feel casuals shouldn’t have a mount that was voted second best by the community, devs used it to up raid attendance.

Everyone will be doing normal for the mount and than unsub again. There is no point for the other difficulties if people can’t get their Dracthry geared.

I guess LFR is no good for the raiding community so why don’t they just remove Looking for Raid if it’s a joke fest.

Weak bait for participation.


Remove it and ill just watch the cinematics and go “ok, thats cool I guess” and call it a day.

Take away LFR and you will see a large portion of the population leave. And not just the “baddies”, but the ones who just don’t have the time to sit through an unorganized raid. Because that is all it will be. LFR+ with harder mechanics.

That would be a lot of old timer players who have stuck around that would just leave if they choose our money isn’t good enough.


Well it didn’t get the most votes. The tree did.

Imagine how nice it would have been if they’d just been like “yo we made some mounts. you can pick your favorite for free, the rest are gonna cost ya”

Edit: Actually, I’d take that still as an option. Give me some NPC that will trade me the tree mount I didn’t want and don’t use for literally the only one I was interested in.


But you did read it…

Also 10 bosses down, 2 raids to go. 1/3 of the way to goo cat.

The least imaginative, tired design of the group.

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You know I think if they would just remove the FOMO portion of the can and treat it like the Glory of the X Raider achievements it would at least be better than what we currently have.


Didn’t it only win because there was some kind of group vote manipulation going on?


Slimecat was never intended to be available for LFR.

You guys seem to think that Blizz intended to give it to LFR and then changed their mind.

What does the word “any” mean to you as in “any difficulty”?


Someone making a mistake on the wording of the achievement. Them fixing the achievement shows it was never intended for LFR.

I’m just saying if Blizzard wants us to kill all 31 bosses on fated, then it should be LFR. Otherwise keep it as normal difficulty or higher but only require Sire/Sylvanas/Jailer to be killed (as no Friendship Moose/Bird etc community wants to carry people through 31 bosses).

It’s almost like you didn’t read my entire post :thinking:

No it shouldnt. Normal is more than fine.


I did read your post and I disagree with all of it.