The new AH bans is the biggest embarrassment in a while

What are you even talking about, is it this???

“As we take further steps to return player accounts to their previous condition, a very small number of players will be locked out of their characters for an additional time. We’ll return them to availability as quickly as possible.”

That doesn’t sound like a suspension to me. Where are you getting your info?

No one been outright banned. Those who got extra gold from the malfunction of the AH have had those toons frozen until all the gold can be removed. I am not even sure if they are really going to suspend accounts that may have clearly tried to exploit the gold issue to fraud the game of millions in free gold. If they do ban those people who deliberately tried to fraud the game of gold, they deserve to be banned.

does not matter what you call it the fact is people including myself are locked out of our accounts since last night and this is how we find out what might? have happened? wow just wow epic fail blizz

both, and the expiring auction part of it happened all the way up until last night

the people harping on “maybe they shouldnt have exploited a bug!” are beyond ignorant of the actual bug

canceled auctions paid out gold and sure you could abuse it, but EXPIRED AUCTIONS did it too

poor jim dumping their loads of rare gems for high prices on ah that nobody bought and expired faced the same fate as people who abused the bug

Yes, completely and utterly unaware it was bugged when they cancelled an auction and the item they cancelled was still listed, 100% completely not at fault of the person.

Sure if they only had a couple of items listed, but I am telling you now the old motto is “Abuse early and abuse often” because generally Blizzard simply put a stop to these practices and than do nothing more.

This is the second time ever I have seen people get banned for something that ‘was not their fault’, the other time was during BFA when you could purposely bug out WQ’s on the last step and get the rewards, but it would not register as complete, so you could complete WQ’s an infinite number of times.

Infinite rep, gold, WF/TF items, and it’s the same here, people no doubt recognised they could list something, cancel and duplicate the items and would have 100% abused it because historically people don’t get slapped with a ban hammer since yeh, it’s not their fault for the bug, but it is their fault for abusing said bug.

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Ok so maybe ban was the incorrect word… but it is more than just locked out… I get that you’re an MVP, but people who did nothing wrong but play the game are being impacted by Blizzards negligence. They have every right to be as pissed as they want to be about the situation.

I have enough experience to know better than to use the AH after they messed with it, and I more than likely won’t use it for a good month… Because lets be honest here the truly capable people are no longer employed with Blizzard that is why we’re ending up with huge bug, after huge bug, after huge bug. I hope they as a company pay for this dearly, it is the only way they ever learn.

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It seems like the more ‘legitimate’ people affected by this used a lot of TSM auto cancel scans when undercut and kept re-posting ending up with a decent chunk of stuff Blizzard has to go through.

But can you be surprised? There are people that have had their characters locked out for more than 6 months due to bugs from faction+guild transfers.

One of my earliest memories of WoW was being locked out of the game for 3-5 days around Christmas 2004 because of some server bug or something. Blizzard actually refunded game time to all affected in that circumstance. I can’t recall if that has happened since, but it would be a good idea to compensate the people affected by this psuedo-ban.

I remember back when TBC originally launched and there was a huge issue that resulted in like 3 days of lost game time and they gave every active account 3 days of game time.

After that, there were only a few situations where the game was down for more than 24 hours and each time Blizz gave back game time for the issue. It’s been many MANY years since such an issue that resulted in the servers being down for 24+ hours though.

That said, for those who are affected by the lockout due to this issue, I’m hopeful that Blizz will compensate them appropriately (assuming they didn’t attempt to take advantage of the circumstances).

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That’s pretty common lol

Locks and bans/suspensions are pretty synonymous.
You may not think so but they do the exact same thing regardless of if one causes a black mark on the account and the other one doesn’t (this isn’t visible to the player outside of an email (in which this case - there was none)).
It prevents the player from accessing their accounts to play. Especially when there is no concrete length for the lock. (a 2 hour lock is massively different from a 24/48/72 hour or more lock)

Furthermore, clicking on the portion of the bnet app where it says “Account Locked” leads you to the help page where is literally says “Account Banned or Suspended”

As for hoping that there would be appropriate compensation, there wouldn’t be anything appropriate. Reason being there are so many things rotating out this week, it’s a colossal amount of missed opportunities. (High Opportunity Cost). What compensation for missing once in a 6 month span for legion timewalking, 3 week span for the next fated Sepulcher?

Yes, its a pessimistic view of things but it’s as close to reality as you can get with how Blizzard is handling communications.

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Nobody forced them to abuse the exploit, and yet they did it.

Not feeling bad for those who have zero morality.
wiggles toes

Found one for you:


anyone that tried to exploit millions of gold should be banned. Its in the TOS for that type of stuff. WoW has their own economy with the WoW token and Blizzard currency so they dont want that to get more messed up than it already is.

Just be like all the other gold “farmers” and make a bot account to farm the AH with posting scripts and buying scripts because WoW ignores those types of people.

I mean, to be fair this excuse worked on New World.

100% you cant give the 1st few days of a patch back

When you’re done playing with semantics, please tell the people that cannot access an account they are paying for through no fault of their own that it’s ok, because it’s only a lock, not a suspension.

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whast the ban/suspension for anyway?

As far as I know when you cancel a trade in the AH you’re not refunded the gold back to you that is a loss you just have to put up with,well the bug as far as I can tell give it back and kept giving,for some this an accident to others it was a blessing ,keep the gold coming and made lots of it.

They were not banned or suspended.

After the patch on Tuesday to massively change the AH, it was bugged and providing lots of gold it should not have been.

See this bug report thread.

Blizzard quickly closed the AH for a few hours to try to fix it. Some players who were impacted, through no fault of their own (in most cases), had their accounts locked.

The locked accounts can not play right now and are undergoing what I suspect is a manual review to reverse damage. Any subscription on the account was removed to prevent billing while the account can’t be played.

Those accounts that abused the bug to exploit it may end up with a suspension, but right now that has not happened.

There is no ETA on when the locked accounts will be freed up again. Hopefully they provide compensation to those impacted players. This was not their fault and they deserve at least game time, if not more. That decision will be made about what compensation, or how much, after they know the duration of the locks and come up with a policy.