The Left Hand Path (Dark Magic RP Group - Monthly Meetings)

Ignorance is bliss for swine gorging before slaughter. Some spellweavers of Azeroth understand this all too well. Those who dare scorn the unknown by robbing it of its mysteries are invited to attend a meeting of their fellow magical practitioners to trade insights, techniques, and tactics, request mentorship, seek apprentices, gain knowledge in their arts, and labor to defend what is theirs. All types of magical practice typically shackled by the bleating of sheep, ranging from the fel and the shadow to necromancy and blood magic are welcome.

OOC: Practitioners of the dark arts of Azeroth’s are invited to join their peers once a month for a secluded gathering to discuss threats to our world, share insight into practices, request mentorship, and gain new knowledge into their arts.

  • Who: Warlocks / Fel, Necromancer, Blood Magic, and other dark arts that are of the left-hand path of magic.
  • When: The last Sunday of every month.
  • Time: 7:30pm server time.
  • Where: The Cleft Of Shadows, Org
  • Player Contact: Karthys (Horde)
  • Faction: Horde / Neutral

Left Hand Path Discord:

Disclaimer: I am posting this thread on behalf of Karthys with his permission. I am doing so because I can share images in my posts, and also do clickable links. Please contact Karthys with all your questions.


As someone who both, RPed a Warlock as an alt, and has RPed with Karthys many times. I can without question say. This project will be well worth it to join, Karthys is a wealth of Dark Magic RP knowledge and a great RPers. I STRONGLY recommend anyone dabbling in Dark Magics to check this out.


Coming up.


Coming up this sunday.

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Soon™ See you there!


Coming up!

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:sparkles: Bump for the Dark Arts and a wonderful group of people! :sparkling_heart: :sparkles:


Only nerds rp at this event.

The May session of the Left Hand Path is coming up! See you there May 29th!

Still going, the monthly session for Aug is tonight!

Coming up soon!

Coming up.