Void / Cult / Twighlight Guilds?

Can anyone point me in the right direction for any Void Cult / Twighlight style RP Guilds or Discord channels still out there? Preferably Alliance side In Game, but I don’t mind Cross Faction association.

Thanks a ton!
void kisses

Don’t think any exist. Perhaps next expac may see some Twilight themed guilds.

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Any Voidy RP groups / communities then?

Shadowlands have driven me Mad, and Madness = Void = Crawling Chaos = I :heart: Lovecraft!

There maybe a few groups out there. I am browsing around myself for some darker magic themed groups (Necro/Blood/Void).

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Rakham… I saw this a ways down in the forum if it helps you.


Thanks! I was about to point you to the same actually. Definitely checking it out. I am fresh back into the game from taking an 11ish month break. Looking at hopping to MG, fresh start, new character new faction! Been Horde since Vanilla.

I will say, Banshih has been heralding some amazing RP opportunities come Horde Side on MG. The trick for me would be sneaking into the Cleft of Shadow… I mean… I’m not Opposed to trying! LOL

Just gotta start ducking in and out of Ragefire if guards/players start attacking.

Don’t think they’re Void/Twilight but they are a dark themed guild

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Thank you Auhgag. I thought about them actually, but I’ve been in a huge HP Lovecraft mindset lately, so really hoping to find other “Voidies” to RP with. Definitely not opposed to rubbing elbows with other Darker theme RPs for sure though!


Let me know if you find something on a discord/community/ cult guilds!

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Hello there,

I am coming from another server and just rerolled a void elf warlock. Between leveling, farming and RP’ing with the members of the guild that actually was the reason for me to join this server, I am looking for IC chat about magic, the void, minion vivisection and how to keep the dark forces of the void under control instead of letting it consume you.

Ideally, this exchange would be with “conventional” magic users (fire/frost/arcane) but in the end it could be with anyone interested in the subject.

OOC, I have been in forensics for 17 years, and would love to add my biomedical background to enhance other players experience. Anyone interested is seeing a demon from the inside, I can show you. What I need in exchange is IC stories about the game. Your background, your adventures and what you know about lore.

I left the game shortly after Pandaria was launched and just came back, so learning from other players in game what happened is better than just reading a timeline online.

If this sounds appealing, let me know. While leveling, My toon can be found studying around the Alliance embassy and surrounding gardens. Her name is Vanessë. I prefer in game mail to be IC. Just tell her Clavius sent you.

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