The lack of a tank spec for evoker is really showing why this game is cutting corners

It was a “rule”. Its just laziness and cutting corners to not include three specs. There’s no defending it. You’re ok with getting less. I’m not.

What kind of crap logic is this. It wouldnt have hurt you at all to have a melee spec. Youre just being a contrarian for sh*ts and giggles.

Because long queues are new to me. Since I returned, leveling dungeons have popped quickly as have heroic dungeons and fated LFR. Since Evoker released, queues have not popped at all.

Now there’s multiple explanations for this.

  1. Uldaman places priority on players queuing with the quest active, much the same way as they did in Legion.
  2. Tanks are largely ignoring Uldaman past their site seeing run.
  3. Uldaman is bugged.
  4. Tanks are trying out the new class.

No matter the reason, adding a tank spec to the new class would not make the tanking population worse.

Yep and Blizzard became a corner cutting game company when that change occurred.

IDK, I think that option 2 would be just as relevant if all 13 classes had a tank spec.

Right. Thats when the corner cutting began under Ion and crew. Obviously Im talking pre Legion.

The corner cutting is making a horrible new race and only letting be one class and making a new class and only letting the horrible new race be it.

Much like making DH only be Nelf playable.

THAT is the real corner cutting.

Its lazy and Blizzard has literally no excuse on the planet as to why they are doing this other than sheer corporate greed

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Assuming they stuck to the stated core design of evoker, it would have all the weaknesses of melee, with none of the benefits.

Assuming they did a good job with the design, the melee spec would have been fun and very popular.

Its crazy that youre actively against a third spec. Youre arguing just to argue since it wouldnt affect you at all as a ranged player.

The key advantage of melee is freedom of movement. Empowered spells do not allow that.

I’m not against the concept of a 3rd black dragon spec for evokers. But I know enough about how the game works to tell that if it was melee, it would be either very off theme with the rest of the class, or DoA.

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Maybe the beefy dragon boys will be added for the tank spec that dracthyr might get in the future, with any hope or luck.

I disagree with your speculation. I think more people would have played the dual wielding dragon bro.

I’m purely talking gameplay here.

The lack of DoTs or poison themed attacks in regards to the Green Dragonflight is disappointing.

Bronze and Black is heavily underutilized to just be Utility. Deep Breath is primarily a 2 minute movement skill with lackluster damage IMO when your Charge abilities do just as much damage 2-4 times more often.

The Black Dragon spells you do have with appropriate talents are roots, stuns, movement and Damage Reduction…which falls in line with a Tanking Role.

If a Tank wasn’t in mind I’m not really sure why these long CD skills don’t have busted damage.

Melee could have been a mix of caster/melee much like enhance. The point is…not having a third spec is corner cutting / lame underserving. Classes had three specs at the start of this game and that should have never been altered.

Hey, if you want to sac feral for a healer DH and a 2nd ranged evoker spec, sure.

melee dps players have had 5 new specs added for them over the history of the game. Ranged DPS have had net 0 added (1 added, 1 removed).

Ideally all classes should have access to all roles so that if you like a particular fantasy you can stick with it.

“If you don’t like it , don’t play it” is a terrible argument for the inclusion of anything.

Or, they had a specific vision for this class and that vision didn’t include a melee or tank spec.

Considering what we already had before, and what had and hadn’t been added over the years, Evokers got exactly what the game needed.

“I don’t like what you’re telling me, therefore you’re just saying it to make me angry”.

Sure, let’s go with that.

Repeating the same thing over and over again doesn’t make it true, and is the very definition of spam.

You sound like a broken record.

It’s crazy that you’re so hellbent on one where one isn’t needed. There are other classes where things could be added that would be more well-received than yet another melee spec when this game is flush with them.

Shaman could get a tank spec, something that people have been begging for for ages, and that would be a better addition than dragon-humans punching or stabbing enemies.

Ideally, that’s antithetical to how RPGs are designed.

If you don’t understand role playing, then just say that.

The lore allows it to happen, thus it should happen

Magic is versatile, therefore any class could tank or heal if they actually used their imagination


OMG… wipes tears away

That’s what you’re going with here?

Blizzard wants to water down the game in a pathetic effort completely misunderstanding the genre. Sure.

Mages aren’t tanks. Generally speaking, they don’t heal. Rogues are generally stealth folk that open locks and doors and hide in the shadows looking for a moment to strike, warriors/fighters are generally the armor-clad frontline weapon masters of the group, priests/clerics are calling upon their deity or some supernatural force to heal and buff their party.

This isn’t Skyrim where one person playing EVERYTHING makes sense.

This is an RPG mainly focused around parties of people where it makes more sense to have different people playing different, separate roles so that they can do those things simultaneously AND so they can focus on their assigned roles.

Everyone being everything would destroy this game faster than it would ever help it.