The lack of a tank spec for evoker is really showing why this game is cutting corners

Your quote was “The last 2 classes only had 2 specs. Now with this one they didn’t even bother to model gear appearances onto it.” The now on a second sentence can imply it is referring to a separate class than the first two, to which I was responding. My apologies if that was not your intention, but your wording was vague.

No worries, sorry for the snarky response. I don’t think I was being very vague, though. I was talking about evokers being lazily designed and then in the next breath talked about how the last 2 classes were lazily thrown together. I thought it was pretty clear I just meant DH and Evoker. Monk has 3 specs, as you said. I don’t think anyone really thinks otherwise or anything.

What about a geomancer spec?

There isn’t really a spec that does mostly earth attacks. Ela shaman is closest and still mostly lava and lightning.

Why do we need to take from a class that is already struggling to keep their melee spec relevant? Enhance hasn’t been relevant in a while spend that development doing those things with enhancement.

A tank spec could be cool if it was a caster tank. That would be unique and maybe the class would use elemental projections that tie directly to the evoker health. That way it could tank and still be ranged.

Enha isn’t anything like a geomancer. And ele has 2 geo spells

Except people want the melee spec as a THIRD SPEC. Nothing debunk.

They could design a dragon tank if they wanted to.

But the direction they chose for the evoker class is one that’s not compatible with the role of tank.

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Oh? Read what you wrote again:

Everyone? You sure about that? Because I clearly said I didn’t want one, as have several others in this thread.

Evokers don’t even need a melee spec. If you want melee/tank, go play a DH. Evokers were (likely) created to be the opposite of that. I personally hope it stays that way.

I think later in the expansion a dragon warrior class we’ll be added when the black dragon flight is fully redeemed and that we’ll have a tank and melee dps specs… just a educated guess

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You clearly don’t understand what a “geomancer” is then. Ele is ALL geomancer spells.

So you haven’t been playing Enhance in the last 6 years. Got it.

Come back when you know what you’re talking about, thanks.

Until Druids got a 4th and then the made DH and Evokers with only 2.

Three specs was never a “rule”. That was just how they did the original designs “back in the day”.

No, I don’t.


The issue with that is people tend to gravitate to new things out of curiosity. So you end up losing tanks because they’re wanting to try the new shiny. If Evoker had a tank spec, those tank players would play the tank spec, thus maintaining the current number of tanks out in the world or maybe even increasing the number.

Demon hunter says hello.

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The answer is pretty clear:

Shaman Tanks.

I have a shield, I’m ready.

Did we loose healers when DHs/DKs came out?


I can’t remember. I was playing a DK at the time and was new to the game. As for DH, I ran a guild that expansion and had dedicated tanks and healers, so I didn’t notice one way or the other.

What I have noticed with Evoker is that there are a lot of them, queues for Uldaman aren’t popping after you do it for the quest, and tanks are saying they’re able to queue and chain run Uldaman. So the tank shortage has gotten worse since Evoker released. I never had to wait long for a queue to pop before Evoker. I’m just putting two and two together here.

No tank spec on the new class is intentional. It is intended to give you a path to reliable instant queue times. If you are willing to put in the work to learn a tank spec, you are going to be rewarded in an extreme way, like how healers had instant queue and bonus loot in every queue for the first season of Legion.

So if this effect wasn’t observed the last 2 times this proposed cause happened, that should cast some doubts on the causality relationship there.

How do you know that it’s now worse? You’ve only sited long DPS queues for the event dungeon, but long DPS queues for dungeons are not new. it’s possible that the tank players are just doing other things with their time.