The Graphics War

I think he was being sarcastic toward anyone who would consider it a “change.”

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No, I get that. A “toggle” to switch back and forth, would be far more complicated. I was thinking more along the lines of choosing at character creation, either this way or that. Old or New. Once you’ve created your character, it’s staying that way until you delete it. Not toggling in game between the two.
Most if not all of this polarized community would play as either old or new. I don’t recall any one poster saying they’d flip-flop. So anyway, that was my stab at a solution.

That’s because Blizzard isn’t going to waste their time with updating the animations of old models that no one uses anymore…

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The problem for me is the download. I like to keep windows and my primary 2-3 games on my m.2 drive, which is smaller than my ssd. So the space on the m.2 is valuable, and I don’t want to rip my laptop apart to replace it, plus deal with Microsoft’s hardware guard.

As long as I’m not forced to download the new models and textures, I don’t care what they do. No point in being forced to install 40 gigs for a 9 gig game though. I’m very OCD about anything I don’t need or want being on my PC. I have a 1TB ssd in it too, and I barely used 70 gigs, because so can’t stand worthless clutter…

I imagine there are some who might feel the same, either due to the same OCD, or system restrictions.

If this was Vanilla WoW Remastered, fine. Personal opinion, I wouldn’t say no to the updated models being in Classic.

However, this is Classic WoW and those old dated graphics are the genunie article to what we had in Vanilla. Making this into one of those empty “This doesn’t affect you” arguments is just wasting the energy you used to type it out because it doesn’t matter.

To add to your point, this is a museum piece. You don’t see museums replacing priceless artifacts with new shiny items…

It was supposed to be. Then they went all graphics set to max, and there went that. Don’t get me wrong, I agree 100% with you. It’s just mute now.

"Oh, look. They’re making a Classic version of WoW for all the people who want that authentic Vanilla experience. I might try that out!

Well, it seems okay, but here’s a list of changes I need you to make so it suits me better personally."

-Waaaaay too many people.


That remains to be your opinion, I didn’t discuss art style, I didn’t bring up what I thought in that statement, nothing about what I said was an opinion, I’m unsure why that isn’t being reciprocated, and appears to be a common trend for “pro-HD model” supporters. My statement and point of view is implicit. That being said - everyone’s Classic experience is different, nothing about my statements asked about the experience of others. That is a completely different subject, and I don’t understand why it is relevant to the current discussion, especially considering no one’s Classic experience involved, involves, or will involve HD models.

I established that, this quote is a formality. This is stated and posted by Blizzard Entertainment, on their homepage of the Classic WoW section. Not to mention all the other sources that others have brought into it. There is nothing subjective about that, nothing about it asks for your opinion. You’re allowed to have your opinion, but you, and many others are trying to force your opinion on a formality. Blizzard never came forward and asked you and many others for your opinion on the subject. It’s been established.

Anyone who prefers the older models enjoys bad things, and their opinions on literally everything else are null and void to me.

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It’s not in the beta now. It won’t be in release.

A ‘toggle’ might be added in the future. My guess is that would depend on how popular classic is.

Is that picture showing an Undead character model w/ Druid gear…or on a Tauren skeleton? Those don’t mix.

I think that’s different than the slight skeleton differences between old and new Undead skeletons, Orc skeletons, etc.

Also, and I admit this is purely anecdotal…I’ve seen friends use new models in old versions of the game that did not cause characters to look anything like what you’re showing. The new models looked perfectly fine.

My personal problem is exactly with this. I remember playing BfA hyped about Zandalari trolls. I was CRAVING them. But BfA came out, and I was given only a red orcs. And more I played BfA the more I understood that I will FINISH ALL STUFF before they release Zandies. And they did exactly that. They released Zandalari when I was already down to stop playing this game. I changed my char to Zandalari, played a bit and I like it. But there wasn’t anything to do for me with it, cause I did every raid, every dungeon+ and every zone quest.
They just gave it too late. How much I would like to play Zandalari anew with new quests of BfA but it was all in vain.

This is the same. I’m afraid that they will give toggle only when I will be tired of WoW classic. I want experience all Vanilla stuff with new models, so old textures and models wouldn’t distract me from gameplay. And in beta test they do exactly that: distracting me from doing stuff, once in a while, while I’m gathering my breath in quests, or getting some HP, I just standing there looking at my character and cri evry teim.

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I’ve not once looked at my beta toon and wished I had modern graphics.
While the modern cast effects and graphics are nice, it’s the gameplay that matters. I’ve been so wrapped up in the gameplay I’ve not cared about the graphics at all.

Anyone who wants HD models on a faithful recreation of Vanilla WoW is delusional and lacks the mental capacity to understand logic on any rational level, therefore their opinions and thoughts don’t matter. It goes both ways.


The point was there would have to be extra, unnecessary work to make them fit the old skeletons and animations without issues. That is not an authentic vanilla experience.

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Well that’s a heck of a straw-man argument to make lol

I could be wrong, but I feel pretty confident in saying that most people are playing Classic because the gameplay difference between the current “retail” version of the game.

There are people in that group that originally played that version of the game, and prefer the original graphics for nostalgic reasons. There are people in that group that started in the MOP / Cata era who prefer the new models, because that is what they started their WOW experience on.

Wanting to leverage current graphic assets, that doesn’t not affect the gameplay for people who don’t want it isn’t the same as asking for LFR, guild banks, flying mounts & self healing for all classes.

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How is it unnecessary? It’s only unnecessary if it’s work that no one wants, or presents no added value to the users.

I wouldn’t want this work to delay any of their milestones that they’ve already communicated tot he user community. It could be something they do after releasing content patches, or something that could be taken up by additional resources put on the team.

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Nothing about his statement was a strawman argument. He was paraphrasing generally what most of the arguments people have made, albeit in a mocking, derogatory tone, but nonetheless his point is valid. I’d suggest revisiting the term “strawman”. He makes a good point that most players who didn’t play Vanilla want HD models, and try to force their opinion on the Classic variation of the game when Blizzard has made it pretty clear that it isn’t going to happen.

While yes there are people who enjoy the original graphics, most of the time it isn’t “nostalgic”. This is by far one of the most poor and shallow arguments any hd model supporter has made thus far. It fits the tone and environment of the game. You see it around you, people are hardly wearing the old armor anymore that predates Cataclysm. Even then, that’s sparse on some variation. Anyone who supports HD models cannot, in good faith, say that they will fit with the rest of the game. Not to mention, and I will quote;

Toggle or not. It isn’t authentic.


You answered your own question.