The Graphics War

You were that kid that got mad if people didn’t play what they wanted to play aren’t you?


I think you’re conflating my argument with the #catertomypreference crew. We’ve all agreed we’re playing classic, and they want to change that with new models. To an even more elitist degree, a personal toggle so their own preference is suited.

My question is this.

If it were a toggle that only affected the person with it toggled on meaning only the person toggling it could see the new character models.

How does this affect your gameplay if you are using the old models?

  • Please add a toggle to use modern polymorph variants client-side only (I’ll be the only one that sees them).
  • Please allow self-only transmog that only I see. I really want to play with matched armor and not the hodge podge that classic provides. Nobody else will see it.
  • Please allow in-game barber shops in classic. It does not affect gameplay.

^— Your argument could satisfy each of the above. My argument against the above and the “new models” argument is identical. It is not authentic. It should not be possible. This is not Burger King, you don’t get it your way. You get it the authentic way. You could use that faulty argument of “but just add <x>, it won’t affect others” for so many things – even new things entirely. It’s an objectively bad argument when Blizzard’s literal published statement in their article is that they’re aiming for an authentic 2006 experience, old models and all.

Yeah, you’re right. I shouldn’t ask for HD water textures, Blizzard’s stated goal would never allow for that.


I’ve already agreed they shouldn’t be in place, and if easily removable, should be removed. I’ll be submitting feedback to Blizzard accordingly.

But hey, when you’re ready to get off the sidelines because you have no more sound arguments against the topic at hand – we’re here. Love ya.

Uh for one polymorph variants are not client side only never have been. But you’ll have to see that when people start getting things like Polymorph: Turtle.

Transmog cannot be self only.

Barber shops were actually NPC’s so they weren’t in classic.

My argument can’t satisfy those. My argument is they removed the textures why not just let us have them back.

But you completely evaded my question. Don’t roll a Rogue because you’re evasion will be on constant cooldown.

I don’t need anything else. Their stated goal clearly does not include optional graphic improvements that have virtually no effect on gameplay, such as HD water.

Or else they’d be removed.

New models weren’t a toggle until Legion. Why do we get to rewrite classic for new models but can’t make a toggle for polymorph? It’s just a toggle. It wouldn’t affect your gameplay and would be just as simple to implement. Sounds like a bad argument and that polymorph variants should be added, it’s objectively better than just one. Right? /s

Sure can. Toggle for client side model differences proves this can be easily added as a toggle. More options is objectively better. It wouldn’t affect your gameplay. Right? /s

Don’t like them? Don’t use them. Zero impact to gameplay. We could even just make it a UI option at char select so no NPCs. Poof, easy. No impact. Should definitely be added. /s

Because they removed them to be authentic to 2006 classic wow, as is their literal stated project goal. Same reason the other 3 ideas I came up with to illustrate the fallacy of the idea wouldn’t make sense to implement.

You don’t know what a toggle is do you?

Be honest, because you’re making yourself look and sound like a fool.

But if you were so heavy on the real vanilla WoW, they should remove.

New Water
Grass moving
Right Click Report
Color Blind Feature
Being required to use the Blizzard Launcher
Not supporting certain Resolutions
Forcing a capped download speed
Not allowing Streamers
Change classic WoW’s release date to November 23

The arguments never really change do they.

New Water - Legion client engine changes may make this technically infeasible to remove (per Blizzard). Galdor claims it’s a simple texture swap. If true, definitely should be removed.
Grass moving - Legion client engine changes to the ground clutter engine may make this technically infeasible to remove (per Blizzard). In an ideal world, should be removed.
Right Click Report - Blizzard has stated they are not removing this as it would increase the workload on their CS team. In an ideal world, should be removed.
Color Blind Feature - While not authentic, I feel we can be humans here and allow folks with disabilities to participate. You “got me” on this one.
Being required to use the Blizzard Launcher - Ideally, this would be removed. I imagine given the other items (like their statement on right-click report) I’m not going to win an argument against their software deployment and maintenance tool.
Not supporting certain Resolutions - Doesn’t really make sense unless you also go towards running a workstation on Windows 98 using a CRT. While truly authentic, I think it’d be a bit unreasonable to force legacy hardware on players. If you JUST force resolution, modern LCDs running outside of native resolution would be severely impacted. So you “got me” here when you take the step of requiring purchasing hardware to be authentic.
Forcing a capped download speed - MMORPGs have never been bandwidth heavy aside from downloading patches. You’d be hard pressed to even max out a 56K modem on the throughput from playing WoW. So this seems arbitrary since it would have no effect. Again, you’re taking the leap into mimicking literal legacy hardware. I’m comfortable with stopping at not emulating old hardware, and am completely okay with anyone calling me out for that.
Not allowing Streamers - If you can convince Twitch to ban them, please do. Would be nice. They definitely do alter the experience. I imagine Twitch is not willingly going to lessen their profits. But ideally, yes, should be removed.
Change classic WoW’s release date to November 23 - Ideally, yes. That’d be awesome. But honestly I’d like it taken a step further and to mimic the patch days on the actual calendar days they happen, too. This is what Project 1999’s new Green server will be doing for EverQuest. I wish Blizzard would do that here, too.

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Was talking about good art style… what I find as better looking and what you find better is subjective.

IMO, the old models look horrendous, and I thought the same thing back when I played classic and TBC.

Models now are better, but still not as amazing as I would like them to be in 2019.

I couldn’t give a rats a$$ if its either, my Classic experience is DIFFERENT from yours. Give me a toggle, dont give me a toggle. If I had a choice, I’d ask for a toggle.

And that is a completely fine and valid opinion to have. But, it goes against Blizzard’s literal stated philosophy and goals for their own project.

Source: World of Warcraft Official Website
Date: November 3rd, 2018
Article Name: Restoring History: Creating WoW Classic Panel Recap

In restoring World of Warcraft Classic, our guiding principle has been to provide an authentic experience. Things might run a bit smoother and the hardware is better, but the game should still look and feel like you’re playing World of Warcraft from 2006. Things like combat equations, original models, and hunter skills are certainly part of that—but things like social dynamics are a part of that too.

They literally state old models are part of the classic experience. So while your classic experience includes modern models, Blizzard’s does not. So, they won’t be added – even as a toggle.

Jeez, I want Classic, been looking forward to it for quite some time… but this is ridiculous

You nearly argued against accessibility against the colourblind!

Entitlement is going through the roof these days

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He’s not going to argue against colorblind mode because that wouldn’t sit well with most people.

Instead, he’ll just be a hypocrite about it in 3…2…1…

Absolutely did not. It was propped up as a strawman argument against me, implying that if I wanted authentic original models that I also wanted to remove color blind mode. I acknowledge it was not authentic/classic, but there isn’t a valid reason to remove it on those grounds – since it allows folks with disabilities to play.

I argue that wanted a toggle for a personal experience is extremely entitled.

It’s been brought up at a strawman against me several times. I’ll absolutely claim every time that “You got me” that I will make an exception for folks with disabilities.

I’d argue for toggle, but I wouldn’t let either choice ruin my experience. Thats the difference.

My toggle doesnt take away, or ruin your gameplay in any way shape or form. To argue against a system just for the sake of “No changes!” is near peak entitlement, since it doesnt change how you play your game.

I have 20/80 vision. I can better see the details in my character’s face on the HD models.

Thanks for understanding, I’m sure you’ll champion the cause of HD models now.