The GDKP Workaround

I’m already talking to walls on the forums lmaoo

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You know a**holes like myself will also join just to report this as well right? It’s fun watching the world burn :smiley:


Won’t someone think of the casuals!

Anyways, good looking out Uuno, you’re a real protector of the weak. Surprised you didn’t roll a paladin.

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You’re new to this, I can tell.

That’s so not true it’s not even funny.

A roadblock that cuts down substanitally, or barrier to entry is still a win to me

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Of course it’s true. If you think casuals are buying gold to buy gear, then you don’t know what a casual is.

What a boring troll

Hello fellow “guild raiders”, i’d just like to inform you all that i listed some individual stacks of linen cloth on the AH for 5000g each which is totally normal and not a bannable offense, please refer to the sign-up sheet for next weeks roster for further information.
– posted by automated third party app messenger


I’m glad that Blizzard can finally witness how corrupt and exploitative these people are now. GDKP should never come back. These people need to be banned straight up.

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well, they can buy for 5000g, while I buy for 2s.

also, noone is that dumb to get fooled by semantics. “I didnt buy loot, I bough item and traded to loot”… yea, thats gonna work for sure

Yes duh. This isn’t about gdkp, never was. It’s about creating a never ending arms race so they can say they tried and then turn on the token as it’s “the only thing that works”. Wow so shocking this happens right after a ceo swap with hmm my notes say exclusively micro transaction history? Interesting. Truly, a coincidence I’m sure.

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Imagine thinking blizzard who just laid off 2000 people is going to allocate significant manpower to monitoring GDKPs, if you can make it past their automated systems you win.

People were mass reporting rankers in classic who tried to break brackets, even though this isn’t against ToS they would still cop a ban because the system is automated, and they would lose progress ranking. I also didn’t see a single person appeal this succesfully so… just a consideration.

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Just like it is easy to track bots?

Hopefully they are a boomkin.

yep it is easy to track bots and blizz do track them, they just don’t ban them instantly, but in ban waves com/watch?v=2YUmMFwSXpU

while I agree that ban waves helps them with the cat and mouse development chase against the bot algorythm, it does it in detriment of the game’s health to players

No, this is exactly what all the GDKP are planning on doing. You don’t need 2 subs either everyone just goes back to Capital after run and buys flasks/etc off the AH to trade for the Raid items.

They can use XRP. You pay the XRP, and then GDKP officer comes by and buys your 1,000g orb of deception.

In more simple terms there’s probably a means of laundering the transactions using multiple accounts, the Auction House, mail system, and individuals trading. If anyone could figure something out it’s Steve Bannon and his gold selling business.

  1. you realize gold buyers get banned for doing this

  2. there’s a high trust component to this that someone is bound to break, then you have no recourse

flawed, but this version of events is actually possible

  1. First they would have to clarify that it’s not allowed, since they specifically stated Gold for Items, this would be Item for Item. Secondly, trying to track and trace this transaction would be a nightmare for an entire team to do much less the small workforce on Sod.

  2. What trust? GDKPs already mostly do these transactions in capital cities anyways. Groups will just bid near the AH then go purchase what they need as a gold alternative and trade Item for Item.

With no in game SR tool they’re just going to consider it a carry and ban you. All they’re going to see is people giving gold to a RL and then doing the raid. You can argue the semantics with them afterwards in tickets if you’d like.

“No I wasn’t paying for a carry I was paying to reserve an item if it dropped,” probably won’t go over well.