The GDKP Workaround

I look forward to you testing that theory. Personally I’d ask on the forums for clarification before risking it though. Question, who ends up with the gold at the end of a GSR?

well technically dude none of this is illegal. it’s just breach of contract.

and at any rate i hope the rest of the gdkp lemmings agree with you because good riddance over this idea you have of a hilariously bad loot system. pay for a chance to roll on something that might drop? cmon man just make 9 other friends and start a loot council…

“including suspension and account closure”

soo…if you are suspended they obviously aren’t closing your account at the same time are they?

the punishment is 100% identical to the gold buying one, which is exactly the same, which is

“buy gold once and we ban you for 7 days”

this is a slap on the wrist

It was my fault but I forgot to stick that at the end that the intention is linking so you two can figure out.

And you asking:

That’s up to blizzard on what they do. I’ve heard of boosters in retail where it would start as a slap then it would get to they were getting perma banned and or 6 month suspended. Just by 2 cents. It’s blizz’s discression (I can’t spell that) so whatever they want to do is what they are gonna do.

We don’t know.

yes because i’m sure blizzard can’t tell you just traded a big sum of gold for a BoP item from a raid. blizzard has literally no way to track trades because they don’t take place in game you are totally right

people that care so much about loot they are literally rmting to get items during a lockout will cry over a 7- or 14-day suspension. they lose 3-5 lockouts.

I like how salty gdkpers went from

“There’s no reason to get rid of gdkp” to

“Getting rid of gdkp doesn’t hurt bots” to

“The gold in gdkps isn’t even from RMT” and now it’s just full delusion.

“You’re not actually hurting us! You’re hurting everyone but us”

Swiper no swiping losers!

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Nobody there’s no gold exchanged for SRs all gold exchanges for SR are done beforehand and no gear is guaranteed for the gold traded and no splits occur in raid at all. It’s a system for real players to profit and afford their consumes for PvP and other stuff. 6 carries 4 pugs; all of which allowed to SR items.



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Gold exchanges aren’t for loot that’s the part you seem to be missing.

Right… But who ends up with all the gold at the end?

oh, the loot just stays on the boss. got it

But you are discounting Microsoft.
Microsoft (at least in years past) took a grim stance on cheating, toxicity, etc.
The thing is this took a quick turn after Microsoft took over Blizzard/Activision.

Do not underestimate Microsoft’s influence on Blizzard/Activision. They are very protective of their IPOs and name.

I like how they announce their plans and expect them to work. At the end of the day its all data and can be traced.

They will most likely make it so gold can’t be traded inside the instance and items become soul bound upon leaving.

This won’t stop people from trying mind you but the bad actors will pull the plug on the whole thing.

Also the system might flag you if you trade gold with more then x number of people within an hour.

Point is that its not gonna be worth the trouble for most people and only the diehards will be the ones trying and eventually even they will give up as the number of people getting suspensions and bans hits them making the whole operation not profitable.

Keep telling blizzard your plan this is good.

Nobody buys loot they buy soft resses and if the loot don’t drop or if somebody else soft resses it than they have to roll just like a normal soft res run. Conceptually GDKP is banned cus you’re exchanging gold for loot in an auction, having people roll for loot isn’t against the ToS and you can only purchase a max of 10 SRs so you can’t cheese it like some RMT Andy bringing 5k to a GDKP

I’m sure they haven’t thought about that already. But feel free to give more suggestions and ideas so they can factor all this in before they go live, thanks man

Go ahead and advertise your GSR runs in lfg chat and see how quickly you get mass reported to a ban hahahaha

I’ve been running GDKPs for 2 years with no bans so idk. The toxic retail player base breaking ToS to false report people trying to play the game really need to chill.

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ok go ahead and explain that to ChatGPT, it’ll feel like ur talking to a wall