The Evolution of Creative Content in World of Warcraft

“But, guys, you don’t understand! They changed THE BIG LOVE ROCKET!!!”

“They did a what with a who now?”

Nothing more than empty virtue signaling. You should be fixing the systematic problems in your company, not waiting time on things that people either don’t care about or actively dislike.


the new “trends” are getting really bad too. i just saw on reddit the other day, apparently it’s a new trend to flirt with women by saying “mommy? sorry. mommy? sorry. mommy? sorry.” i can’t even begin to understand that nonsense or why kids are into it

I think in 14 years of players this will be my first time saying “cool story no one cares” to a Blizzard post


As a Mother, that’s insanely creepy.

apparently they’re using it like some women use “daddy” to describe hot men? i dont get it either. like i can’t even accurately describe what the trend even means because i don’t understand it at all

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Not bad, I’d post it but idk if it’s too much for these forums :sweat_smile:

Men too

“Daddy? sorry, daddy? sorry, daddy?”

the intent of the joke is that you are saying it uncontrollably. You must not hang out on TikTok much Nillah :laughing:

The “Daddy” thing is Creepy too.

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it was a shot at fat pandas

nope you’re right, never used it once in my life. i think this trend displays exactly why ive never used it lol

yeah they’re both weird. i don’t get it

did you read where they were getting the input to change these things? from their own employees.

In early August, we set up internal channels where the WoW team could share feedback on content that doesn’t represent who we are as a team today

It means changes weren’t done for the players but to protect the fee fees of their employees and to show to the judge in the Cali. suit see we doo good .

What happened at Blizz is wrong and those employees done wrong should get their day of justice but until that happens all of these changes due to internal feedback is just lipstick on a pig.


This comedy could only come from america


slaughtering the innocent and committing genocide is fine

but a reference to touching your no-no area? now that’s crossing the line!

We’re sorry. Maybe.

So I can play my “who will last longer” game then :slight_smile:

In 20 years will all the employees still be there? Will World of Warcraft return?! :open_mouth:


All your updates suck, stop ruining old content made by better devs and fix the trash-heap that is this current expac and the botched handling of both Classic and TBC-Classic. Turning fantasy paintings into fruitbowls won’t clean your hands or make your lawsuit any better, it’s just driving away more players who are seeing where the dev time is really spent (frivolous ‘updates’ no one asked for).


Blizz, with all honesty, you’ve lost your GD minds, go outside and not where you’re surrounded by concrete. You have lost perspective to a frightening level. Get Help.


So, If we make our own decisions and donʻt do as you say, that makes us somehow lesser?