The Battle for Wintergrasp in Wrath Classic

The Battle for Wintergrasp in Wrath Classic

An iconic part of the original Wrath of the Lich King, the WoW Classic team shares some insights on the Battle for Wintergrasp development in Wrath Classic.

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You should add those one boss raids back into the game.

The metasheep will likely complain about this, even though their actions are what caused it.


When will you admit your mistake and implement RDF for wrath classic?


Yo, good changes. You still refuse to admit that the massive oversight of not limiting transfers to balanced and healthy servers or not consolidating the smaller realms into new healthier realms. Yea it’s hard to do WG with layers but it’s also hard to do WG in a non-instanced manner when the entire server is horde or alliance.


This is exactly what I didn’t want to happen. Wintergrasp was hyped up as world pvp, and it never actually was.

The 2nd best option would be for blizzard to just simply admit, “hey, we don’t know how to make a proper WPvP zone, so we’re just turning Wintergrasp into a regular 40v40 instanced battleground just like Alterac Valley that can be queued for at any time.”

The best option would have been to fill Wintergrasp with dailies like Isle of Quel’Danas and have the wintergrasp event something that was just always active with no timer.


There is a solution which maintains this. Do as you have been with the numerous instances.

Blizzard -

Lets say there are 200,000 WG attendees across all servers, 100k horde, 100k ally, across multiple servers. This would spawn 2500 instances. For the HORDE to have access to WG awards, they would need to win 51% of their instances (1275), and vice versa for alliance. This would bring back the “Horde vs the Alliance” mentality and original feeling of the MMO. It would bring together people en-mass and create large scale leadership and organization from each faction to stack instances and establish generals and raid leaders for large instances. It would create massive discords to do so. This is how communities are fostered and relationships formed in WoW - necessity.

You could have chose to go this route - however, you didn’t. You opted for an ‘everyone gets a ribbon’ approach. We are mostly men aged 18-40 years old playing this game - we don’t need to be coddled.

In regards to Tenacity - this can also be implemented as a “Loss streak” mechanic globally. If Horde for example, have lost 5 times in a row, they would globally have 5 stacks of tenacity. This is an easy fix on your end, and it encompasses everything WG was.



Anyone surprised?


On a scale of say 9-26, where would you say this lands?


Will this battle give me an xp buff?


Nope cause you have to be lvl 80 (Max lvl ) to get into this battle.

Wasting time on posts like this, this is 10+ year old content blizz, people already know what wintergrasp is.


One question I don’t know if will be answered by the beta:

Will the 3-hour queue windows be by server time(s)? Will this create ‘battlegroups’ by server time, e.g. us east, us west, oceanic? Or will it be the same queue window for all realms?


Does this mean there will be more than one battlegrounds instance that fires at the 3 hour mark? Is it possible for 6 instances to fire where the Horde wins 5 and the Alliance wins 1 and both factions therefore have access to Wintergrasp zone benefits?

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So let me get this straight,

There is going to be no Dungeon Finder…and The Battle for Wintergrasp is going to be…instanced…?

bruh…this is not Wrath of the Lich king…lmao


Blizz could be more explicit that the Battleground system implies cross realm Wintergrasp.

But to answer your question, yes.

It never was going to be. We all should have known this by phase 3 of classic, and even more so from phase 2 of tbc

It’d be cool if the stacking buff the unrepresented faction gets also increased player size incrementally. Going up against a player the size of Supremus after they’ve reached “raid boss” power level would be pretty fun.


I didn’t get the vibe they we’re trying to imply cross realm at all, tbh.


What’s the player cap I have to ask if you are instancing it, part of the original fun of wintergrasp before the cap was enabled was the possibility of 200vs200 battles and multiple raid groups of each faction fighting each other. If each battle is capped similar to a alterac valley size of 40vs40 that’s too small as the size of wintergrasp is so great it would feel very underwhelming with that player count.