Thank you so much for 30 lock and 75k ban, keep it up Blizz!

The vast majority of your faithful and thankful playerbase never posts or even visits the forum. I would bet many players don’t even know about the beautiful ban and 30 lock. These players are now probably back to work and log onto wow for whatever limited amount of time they have to do a raid or to level up or whatever. Its an escape.

So when you make the game more enjoyable by banning bots and cheaters via 30 lock, the silent majority are thankful. While there is a small part of the posting playerbase who complain about 30 lock, if you read the whine threads the same few people post there. Your 30 lock cut into their profits by stopping them from botting and cheating their way to Susan Express glory and riches.

Thank you Blizz, from us…the normal Joe who just wants an escape from life’s stress for a few hours to raid or do whatever in your game. We support bans and the 30 lock. We support even harsher rules that cut the legs out from under these cheaters. 30 lock hit roughly 1% of the playerbase. We don’t want them in our game. Keep up the great work Blizz!!!

And go ahead and release TBC asap!


Nah, all the botters instead just made new characters on 3 other realms and now rotate between all 4 to bypass the limit. Keep simping to blizz though it’s a good look


Like how you slipped that gold selling/ botting service advertisement at the end of the second paragraph of that rant.

Reported for promoting cheating/scamming


Fitting name OP

: Potatohed has no life. spends his life on the forums chewing at players disagreeing with the change. Look at this dude’s history sheet. 100% high level troll.

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Almost everyone I know in game doesn’t visit the forums and almost everyone I know in game doesn’t like the 30 a day or locked out thing.

This is talked about in chat etc, almost everyone in the game is aware of it.


Seems to be more of a high effort troll than high level.

NO, this guy is a high level troll. i know high level trolls when i see em, and this guy is it.

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Which makes them easily detectable to ban

Good change

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How much were you paid to make this post?

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And you spend a lot of time making “omg i didn’t know” threads acting like a naive player to complain about the change

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Annnnd it’s flagged. I think that says it all re: how the community feels about this change, don’t you op?

Yeah I’m sure you know exactly how blizz detects bots lmao

Meanwhile gold farmers have all returned and releveled their chars

Nice work blizz

lol he’s a poor spy for blizzard. this guy gets paid in pesos

why are you tailing me everywhere i go? you comment under my comments? please stop harrasing me.

He has 20 something posts?

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You do realize part of combatting bots involves making them create new accounts and banning them again so that they eventually stop from not making money anymore

Did you think bots weren’t gonna try and make new accounts after the ban wave?


You do realize adding an instance limit stops no one from botting

Keep simping for blizz

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Hahaha I can’t believe someone reported you for this comment and had it censored…can almost guarantee they’re leftists irl.


It reduces the efficiency of the bots by 75% thus vastly lowering their potential profits and incentive to keep spending money on accounts to bot with