Thank you SFW

Thank you Southfury Watch. It has been a great honor to have led you this last year and a half. I’ve had so much fun and learned so much and met many incredible people and created memories to last a life time.

I wish you all well on the next part of your journey, but now my Watch has ended.

To the community, keep your eye out on a new recruitment thread and please consider the Southfury Watch for the best Horde RP on this server.

Have fun out there!


Giving this the good ol’ bump! We have cookies. The white bits might be white chocolate, or the bones of our enemies.

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Sounds like a bunch of good eggs here. Will happily try to spot yall for some RP sometime.

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In years on WrA I’ve only ever heard good things about the Southfury Watch. I need to pay y’all a visit sometime!


I was the first like.


Have seen you guys about on a number of occasions whilst on my Hordies in the past. Definitely a good group!

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My name is Valkosk Blacktongue and I approve this message.

Edit: Krak’tor Bowsnap, I guess


Good to see you guys are still around. For the Horde!

Thanks for the kind words everyone! (Except Valkosk). We’d love to RP with y’all. :blush:

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Giving this thread a good ol’fashion Voodoo bump to keep it in folks minds. I joined this lot near he beginning of Legion, on a different character mind you, and have been sticking with then ever since! Great fun and wonderful community abound

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listen to this troll. He is the good kind of troll.

The Barrens needs defending! Come join us and our weekly events and random RP, friendly discord and in-game communities and many, many pictures of hotdogs.


So many hot dogs. :hotdog:


Day 600, they still haven’t found out I have never eaten a hot dog in my life.


Someone’s gotta be handing out water on the road to Orgrimmar when the rebellion starts.

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Moo. Are you happy now?


How often do u guys and gals PvP?

Depends on the person.

I know a couple still do it regularly.

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Here’s the abridged version of Nak’s background. Would it fit?

–Garrosh loyalist. Didn’t join Darkspear rebellion. Fought for Garrosh in the Barrens, not charged with war crimes but was imprisoned (IC) for parts of Legion.

– Was conditionally released under supervision of loyal Hordies near the mid to end of Legion. Did not swear oath to new Warchief but fought the Alliance so as to get a chance to kill Worgen (ie: the Gilneas Brigade) in the Broken Isles, as he hates Worgen for reasons…

– Is not a Sylvanas loyalist but serves her ends since it allows him to kill Alliance, as his disdain for deaders comes second to his hatred for the Alliance due to a loss sustained during the SoO.

– He’s viewed by the current regime as a useful and expendable tool and nothing more since he is not known for having a favorable opinion of deaders in general, but he is quite willing (and good) at killing Alliance and his eagerness to do so aligns with the current regimes goals.

– Basically, he’s a work release killer being carefully watched and likely subject to a quick end should he show signs of going astray.


Get in touch with me in-game and we can talk about your character!

G-Greyah! :open_mouth:

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