Thank you Blizzard for changing AV

Can I ask how you know they have a 70 percent loss rate in the other battlegrounds?

Personal experience. For every “good” horde player there are 100’s of trash horde players. It’s the reason there are so many horde on NA, they wanted to be carried.

Dont worry, they’ll fix it… once BC servers come out. :3

His experience matches mine as well.

The horde have a lot of great players, but they also have most of the bad players.

Pug vs pug in WSG, I win over 70%.

Even in AV, for the 1st 20 minutes, the alliance dominates every major team fight. It just so happens that it is a pyrrhic victory in that scenario.

They have a false conception of their own prowess just because they can zug zug faceroll their way to SHGY in AV despite being down by over 100 HKs


Premades for a full 40man av was against the rules and blizzard made changes to address this. That is the key difference you are forgetting. I dont care about winrates or queue times.

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Show me in the Terms of Service that it was against the rules.

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to be clear here is the post about them changing it due to “unfortunate behaviors”. To be fair I dont know what rule it would be breaking, but if it had enough to force them to change the behavior and not change the behaviors of the other battlegrounds is strange.

If they would put it under a rule it would most likely be this.


You are responsible for how you and your account are represented in the game world. Cheating in any fashion will result in immediate action. Using third-party programs to automate any facet of the game, exploiting bugs, or engaging in any activity that grants an unfair advantage is considered cheating.

AKA its was NOT against the Terms of Service and is exactly how it worked in Vanilla. It was UNFORTUNATE that alliance teams were actually winning


From the EULA:

Cheating: Create, use, offer, promote, advertise, make available and/or distribute the following or assist therein:

  1. cheats; i.e. methods not expressly authorized by Blizzard, influencing and/or facilitating the gameplay, including exploits of any in-game bugs, and thereby granting you and/or any other user an advantage over other players not using such methods;

Since Blizzard didn’t intend for people to premade into AV, yet bypassing the in game mechanics to do so was occurring on such a regular basis that it became the meta, Blizzard responded not once but twice to implement mechanics to prevent said exploitation of the queue system.

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it did work this way but the way it was being taken advantage of now if different, causing “unfair advantage”. kinda silly either way but I would assume they could plot it down under that.

Not saying removal or it was good or bad tbh I dont care as I never had an issue and I was horde… But I can see both sides. It was like this in vanilla yes and it should stay the same. BUT people where abusing the old system and its inner workings to be able to gain an unfair advantage using their lack of numbers to coordinate more than the game intended. So I see why they should remove it.

I think they should keep it in as it was quicker queues for AV. im already exalted and dont really care about honor grinding I just go in for PvP so in that aspect the removal of this has cauased longer q times since less alliance queing it seems.

LOL try again. Blizzard has a voice chat. Blizzard has text chat. Saying Count 3-2-1 Q is USING Blizzards technology. Hell there was an add-on using Blizzards add on ability to create that did it for you.

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This game sucks


Nope, done with the R10 grind. No reason to AV anymore. I just WSG premade for fun. Nice try though, keep getting angry at Hordies pissing all over your AV’s

Alliance can and does win AV.

The main problem is that alliance whiners like you want to win in under 10 minutes. If you can’t win easy you just roll over (afk, or worse, endless whining in raid chat).

AV wins take an hour or more. Fight hard, kill horde, do turn ins, be smart, stay together, recall as needed… etc. You know, HOW THE HORDE WIN AV.

The map is 5-10%, alliance should win 40% minimum but too many crybabies.


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yea why the hell did they change it so its so much more unbalanced that its ACTUALLY nearly a 100% loss rate for alliance? why didnt they just leave it how it was before?

If Blizzard cared enough about the outcomes…forget it, they don’t.

Resub, that is the only metric they are looking at.

If it takes over an hour to win, did you actually win?

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The horde think so. Alliance PvPers think so. Gamers think so.

No idea what you are but when normal people win, they think it is a win.

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And they wonder why they’re losing so much. When the strat is to literally give up if the game even looks like it might be going long. And when you ask them if they’re losing because they’re giving up…they will blame anything and everything else.

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Pollz, your trolling is growing tiresome.

You play on a roleplay realm and don’t even PVP yet you are some expert on why the alliance lose AV?

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