Thank you Blizzard for changing AV

Initial AV 50/50. Needs change.

Change 1: still 50/50. Needs change.

Change 2: Pugs always lose but premades sometimes win. Needs change.

Change 3: Alliance loses almost 100% of the time. Perfect.

Oh and its week 8 of horde having the 100% win rate. Just saying.




goes back to what i was saying day 1 alliance won av in 7m all the time in premades now alliance cant win because they cant preamde.

you just proved my point of the alliance cant win unless they are in a premade.


Sunday retail sponge brain here for a quick drop in.


I drink your suffering mortal.

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Thank you Blizz you’ve motivated me to pvp where it actually matters, on my server.


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Both Asian and European servers have balanced win rates, although European servers took a while longer to get to that point. The only thing stopping alliance players from winning on NA are themselves.


Its funny, WillE made his “Was Phase 3 Any Good” video, and he said he had a 40% win rate in AV…and the comment section is calling him a liar and doesn’t really play Alliance blah blah…instant tribalism because there is no way he could possibly be winning that much on the European servers.

I bet you responded while waiting in a que…


If it was a balanced win rate, horde ques would go down because more alliance would play av

Pretty sure it wasn’t 50/50 win rate with the zergs. I’d love some hard data on that.

Asian meta where both alliance and horde zerg rush to bosses and ignore graveyards. Of course the winrate would be more balanced. What a worthless comparison.

European winrate is a little more balanced than US mostly because of the Russian hordes who rush Vann and ignore graveyards. The Russian hordes lose most games.


Alliance are weaklings who lack all ability and courage. They deserve to lose.

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If one side has to be in a premade to win there’s something wrong with the game.

I love how the horde on the forums act like they are any better than the alliance.

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Just release the 1.5 version of AV and be done with it! :smiley:


I might’ve rofl’d at this a little too hard :rofl:

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The fact that you think like this just show’s how special ed you are.
The only reason it’s somewhat balanced on EU/Asia is because neither side turtles and the factions are more balanced. NA it’s like 80% horde while they do nothing but scorch earth.

If you guys were so amazing at the game you wouldn’t have a 70% loss rate in every single bracket besides AV where the map just hands you wins.


goes back to what i was saying day 1 alliance won av in 7m all the time in premades now alliance cant win because they cant preamde.

Actually for the first couple weeks all AVs lasted 6-8 min and 80% were won by alliance.