Thank you Blizzard for changing AV

I am literally agreeing with someone else, and yet I am the one who is trolling? I also got up to rank 10, but you would know if I pvp or not? And what does an RP realm have anything to do with what goes on in AV at all?

If you don’t like my opinions, feel free not to engage with me…but defaulting to insults is pretty poor form.

It’s because you troll every single thread with your same crap.

Also, a person on a forum saying people give up isn’t really strong evidence yet that is the only argument you hang on to instead of actually looking at the objective evidence of the cave location and resurrection mechanics. So, again, yes, you are trolling.

And rank 10 on a RP realm is meaningless. That probably requires like 20k honor a week for bracket 10, 100k for bracket 14. You shouldn’t use that as some sort of qualifier to how good you are.

First off, pvp ranks are most certainly not correlated to skill…nor did I ever claim them to be.

Second, ranking up on a small server is actually much, much harder because our brackets are tiny…and very competitive.

Third, i completely agree people should be spawning at FWGY instead of the cave…if you follow me so closely to know that “every single thread” I post in is a troll, you would know that.

Feel free not to engage me though, that is completely within your power.

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Wrong, VERY wrong on second point. Small servers = low honor per week. High pop servers require you to get 800k+ honor if you want to be in top bracket. People actually transfer off high pop servers into dead ones for fast ranking.

I don’t think you really understand. The top people are still putting in the same hours as big servers, except brackets are much…much smaller. I was consistently around standing 7 on my server during my ranking up and that was bracket 11.

No, I do understand. I was ranking in a top WSG premade but I quit at rank 10. Its 18h a day if you want to reach 13. I know several who transferred off my server to have it easy ranking elsewhere. You just have to pvp more than others in your server and in a dead server, that is easier than in a server full of tryhards that even make alts to increase bracket sizes.

It is faster ranking up to rank 11 or so, because then, there aren’t enough good players on a dead server to beat good premades. So you are right on that part. To rank 14 its just not gonna happen on low pop server.

Now imagine a server too small to support a WSG team, where everyone is still solo-queuing AV 20 hours a day, and if you’re not literally standing 1, you’re not bracket 14.

Yep, I edited my prev post. It is faster to around rank 11 but cant push higher ranks cuz not enough good players in dead server to win a lot and no room for higher brackets

Wait - so is the narrative changing now? For months its been “the map is why we lose” now its “Blizzard is why we lose?”

I am not sure which standing bracket 10 is for on other servers. But when I was ranking up, putting in anything less than 16hours a day was not going to get you into bracket 10.

And our particular server had our 1 and only bracket 14 slot taken up for over a month by someone who eventually got banned for account sharing.

Many servers have finally setup bracket stacks w lower stacks. When I was ranking (Kurinaxx) top 10 were still pushing 650-800k a week, this week bracket 13 is capped at 500 lol (now that many of the sweatys are gone, myself included), things are getting much easier. Our top guys are able to take off a couple days if they want, possibly more.

They could all push hard, but for their sanity, have opted to stack and create an orderly line- Im kind of impressed tbh :slight_smile: