Testing Burning Crusade Classic Launch Again on May 13

Thank you very much to everyone who logged on to the Launch Test beta realm today and helped us test the opening of the Dark Portal.

Unfortunately, we ran into unexpected issues that prevented us from learning what we wanted to about how to best configure the game.

That’s why you test!

So we’re going to do this all again tomorrow, May 13, at the same time, 11:00 a.m. PDT (1:00 p.m. CDT, 2:00 p.m. EDT). Please join us if you can.

We appreciate it!


When are server transfers back up? Assuming the 18th, hoping for prior to launch

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you need to fix the download… i got a beta invite but its the only thing on my B .net that refuses to download …im at 22% downloaded ( its crashed its way there)…tells me its me internet but its not the issue cause everything else updates just fine

Probably something on your end, try restarting the whole download by uninstalling what you have already.


done all that already… its 100% not on my end… as i said everything else on my battle .net updated jsut fine… TBC classic is the only one having the issues… been 2 days now and ive updated my pc itself and all that… its not me

Guess blizzard just doesn’t want you in particular to get beta lol.


when this happened yesterday… i wasnt really suprised it refused to download…but again this isnt an issue on my end as everything else updated just fine which means my internet is just fine ( im the only one on it atm) this is a blizzard problem…

just gonna uninstall it altogether an try again lol… i doubt that will fix it tho

Technically it could be between you and blizzard, we had about 20 people get it yesterday and everyone downloaded fine and you’re the first I’ve heard of say anything.

There’s a lot of pipe between the CDN and you.

Out of curiosity, what are your game settings for downloads?

it appears uninstalling has kinda worked… almost 10% an hasnt crashed yet…thinking the unintsall removed bad files… but i wont hold my breath unless this goes past 24% where i got hard stuck lol

We shall hope :stuck_out_tongue:

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You probably already have but, just in case, make sure the install drive has enough disk space.

oh i got room :slight_smile:

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Can y’all just make it an open beta at this point? Would love to be there to help test/ practice arena with friends, but I wasn’t lucky enough to get an invite throughout all of the beta waves. =[

Thousands of people downloaded it just fine. Are you sure its not a problem on your end?

i had to uninstall it and redownload it… so far im at 54% now…if anything the first time it installed it installed bad files but since the un/reinstall its going fine now… so no it wasnt a me issue lol

Not when there are tons of us who have downloaded it just fine and have had no issues. Shoot, even a bunch of Linux users are getting it to work.

How much hard drive space do you have free on that drive?

It is. It very much is.

Or at least your ISP or some other area. But as Rozen said and I can attest to, LOTS of us have not had one single issue.

No need to get defensive. Just understand we are trying to help you, but can’t if you keep calling in to support for a broken cup holder.

Ah, I wondering why it was so short today. I got DC’ed once, got back on, and then barely sat my character up before the server went down, not enough time to get to the portal.

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