I like to know

What going on with The TBC Bata
anybody know ?

Mine is updating right now.

The opening of The Dark Partal has released a new strain of Felvid19 into Azeroth. The TBC Bata has now been pastponed while blizzard staff is safely in quarantine for 2 weeks.


I mean they did a test today… They are doing it again tomorrow. They do take the beta offline sometimes to do updates and push a new build. It could just need to update… who knows!?

I have been busy leveling professions on my new main for TBC so I haven’t been on the beta much. I’m probably gonna try to hop on again later tonight.

I think I saw a Kaivax blue post which indicated they ran into a problem and would appreciate it if folks would log in tomorrow for a second stab at a stress test.

Well there is the stress test and the beta. Maybe some people only got stress test invites?

Wait a minute… I’ve heard this BS before. 2weeks?

Lmao Felvid 19, good one.

The blue post is under the Blizz Tracker and is titled: Testing Burning Crusade Classic Launch Again on May 13

There is a new build that was released. That is what happen.

Nameplates are now working at 41 yards. Not sure what else. Guild banks and instant mail are still not in.

Yes but the beta and stress test arent the same.

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