Beta Invite Wave and Burning Crusade Classic Launch Test

Well, that’s part of it, yes. However, not always the case so you can’t exactly say that’s how they decide who gets invited. Instead, for those that do get an initial invite, they’re much more likely to be picked for future betas, even of other games, especially if they are, as you said, putting the work in to test things and find/report bugs.

I’m on PTR right now so I’m not missing out on much, but I’ve definitely seen people with quite a low amount of achievements or play time that get invited. Their formula for invite is likely randomized to a point, but no-where near as randomized as with other games. For example, content creators are usually guaranteed invites, same with their usual invitees such as yourself.

I’m there with you interrupt. Based on the number of my guildies that got in I was wondering if I did something wrong or if something is incorrect with my account around ptr/beta.

Got the email for Beta invite yesterday during rolling restarts. Downloaded the Beta to an external drive (spinning drive, not SSD), as I wanted to test performance and not have it share data with my Shadowlands and Classic installs (yet). I’m in the South East U.S., on FIOS, Win1064x, but on an older graphics card (GeForce GTX660). There were A LOT of other players on, simulating how busy it is on Classic Pagle-US. I experienced a couple seconds delay/lag while going through combat rotations, mounting, and taking flights. For me, the lag wasn’t like the lag when someone drops an Ony head in SW on Pagle (or Atiesh). But others around me and in LFG channel were complaining about the lag out in the open world was like when someone was dropping an Ony head in SW.

I created a level 58 Prot Pally (talent spec 0/41/8 at lvl 58) and copied this lvl 60 Warrior over. A tad disappointed in boosted Prot Pally’s becoming completely OOM on only one rotation of Avenger’s Shield, Consecration, Holy Shield, and 2x Hammer of Justice with the provided spell power trinket and libram that comes with boosted characters. I was going to just deal with the slight lag and take her into Ramparts to tank it, but after testing on dummies outside of SW and being OOM on one rotation, decided not to. Going to test my rotation out again today by downranking spells/seals, but it honestly feels like the gear provided with the boost does not have enough spellpower on it to survive past one rotation.

As far as my 60 Prot Warrior went (talents 5/5/41) I copied over, just on the dummies outside SW, I’m not even worried about him, even though he’s not in T3 gear. Did just fine and better than anticipated. I will probably do some testing on him today in instances in the time frame given for the stress test.

I’m there with ya. It does feel like I did something wrong at this point and am being punished. Sounds kind of childish I know, but when you see all your friends playing and practicing arena on all of their planned characters having fun, and just having to sit back and watch, it feels bad. Reminds me of that Spongebob meme where Squidward is looking out the window lol.

Launch Test is a PVP realm, no thanks.

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Right!? I’ll get the popcorn :popcorn:

ya need a pocket healer. you generate mana by getting healed. :grin:

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Hmmm. Someone in guild chat said the same thing last night. That could support my daily dungeon spam time. :slight_smile: As far as having a “pocket healer”… I needed that for my Prot Warrior too while leveling if I needed to do any questing, but getting contenders for the job during the times I was available after work was difficult. Good idea, though. I think I will start looking for someone on both guild and realm discords.

i’d volunteer but my holy pally is only 47, my nelf priest is only 26 and my draenei is still just a twinkle in blizzard’s eye

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Horde is camping the portal, alliance can’t get through. If you’re Alliance it’s a waste of time to try.

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Have to admit…that was some fun chaos in Thrallmar. Hakkar, Illidan, Fel Reavers, KT, a bunch of dragons spawned.

did this end up happening? i haven’t seen any content or updates on how the test went?

This was the POINT of the test.

It didn’t go well, so we’re doing it again.

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Can I get some kind of explanation as to why I was refused a beta invite, after playing classic for 1000+ hours since launch, clearing every raid countless times, getting full bis gear and grinding out the best naxx time on my server with my guild, meanwhile people who quit in phase 2 and hate classic were invited?

Ah, there’s actually a very simple answer for that

See, your accomplishments in the game are irrelevant in a random draw. Your name simply was not drawn

I see I have a beta invite, which is nice of them since I’ve not even reached 60 on any of my Classic toons. I guess I’ll get to test the level 58 and see how it goes.

It really doesn’t take a genius to figure out that’s an absurd way to distribute them.

Why? Someone with a hundred thousand hours in WoW is no more qualified to test if the dark portal sends you to Outland or the fatigue zone than someone who just logged in for the first time yesterday

You aren’t entitled to a beta invite. The beta is for testing, not early access

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