TBC will suck because of flying

Flying is literally the worst thing ever added to wow

TBC would be so great if they just didn’t have this one feature

No more exploring the awesome world

No more danger around every turn, or enemies to be vigilant about

Just fly up, straight, and over any mobs terrain or players

What a horrible gameplay design


You do realize burning crusade has areas you cannot explore without flying… Do you guys even think these things through before you post them? You can explore mountain tops you cannot get onto with land mounts. Try harder bruh.


Yeah. It was like the first of many game design choices Blizzard made to give players shortcuts through gameplay.


Oh ya so because there a few cliffs we can’t get to we should implement a gameplay and world destroying tool that ruins wow

Epic logic

I know there are areas u can’t get too it’s irrelevant


Does flying invalidate everything good TBC brought to WoW?

Did you play BC? Im thinking not.


No but it ruins the game so severely that any positive changes are made irrelevant cause of one thing which is flying

Not a fan of flying either, but you don’t have to use it except in rare cases, if you want to fully experience the danger of the content.

Druid flight form was damn sexy though & made me hate using the clunky flying mounts for other classes.

TBC will rock because the talent trees are much better designed & pretty much all trees are viable (+ hybrid specs), especially with the inclusion of better gear itemization/variety. That is what has held back & spoiled Classic (IMO).


Oh shut up this is a thread about the effects of flying in the game

No one cares u point out there are inaccessible areas

It’s irrelevant

This is about how flying effects the game


You’re showing you didnt play BC tho lol.


No he ain’t, mate. You’re assuming that based on nothing.
So many people love going off topic in these forums.

Yes it had positive effects on the game. Every argument you have other than it being an advantage over those who don’t have it has been debunked.


but flying is way more benefitial then detrimental…

if enables much more exploration, it removes tedium, world pvp is garbage which is why it was dead the day BGs launched in vanilla and in classic.

sorry but flying is a great addition to the game.


Actually flying didn’t hurt the game much at all when it was first put in because you couldn’t fly until after 70 and paying to unlock it. By the time you did that, you’ve already explored the continent and done most quests. Most people that complain about flying conveniently forget this. This was also the case for wrath. You had to hit 80 and pay another fee before you could fly over northrend.

It wasn’t until cataclysm that the level restrictions were basically removed. From this point, you were able to quest in the brackets while flying over everything. Let me spell it out for you. CATACLYSM is what ruined the game. NOT flying itself. For the record, I don’t want flying in my game either, but I’d still rather play crusade and wrath over classic.

Not even close.


Really good point. I think reaching that level does deserve a great reward like that, and you can’t shortcut through all the gameplay on your way there, just at the end.
I think if it were up to me tho, I’d have the reward be something else. Maybe just faster mounts than what was previously available so that players are still mostly on the ground where they belong as that’s where all the world’s content is before TBC expansion.
But yeah you can’t go back in time and change TBC now. Too late, and people will be expecting it as it was unfortunately.

No it’s not



I keep telling people that Blizzard is not going to redesign outlands to remove flying mounts. It’s absurd to even ask.


It was also egregiously expensive. Took a super long time to grind the gold for it. Not to mention that ground mounts were more efficient because it was 100% speed vs 60% flying speed for the initial flying rank. Basically only used the 60% to get places you couldnt get with a ground mount. Flying then is nothing like it is now. Much slower.


I would be ok with flying going 60% speed that’s not too bad

Thats literally what the first rank of flying was. Which by the way, was also like 5k gold