TBC - Fresh Start Servers Only

WoW Classic has taught us a powerful lesson: Exploit early, exploit often. From the gold dupe, AQ mount transfers, MC rep infinite farms, raid boss resetting, yo the rampant teleport hacks for herb farming, many characters have advanced through illegitimate ways.

TBC should not reward this.

Please give us FRESH TBC servers where everybody starts out at level one and has no transfers. Also consider a mechanic that disallows faction ratios beyond 75% in one direction.

Further, please fix teleport hacks server-side and add real human GMs back to the game. These GMs can investigate botting. Remove all automated report mechanisms.

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No, it should be like it was last time. You login to the character you are already attached to… and you play.


You will be able to play on the limited F R E S H servers when tbc goes live. You can go have your F R E S H fun. Have as much fun there as you like.
… while the rest of us continues with our current characters.


You are not going to win people to your side by calling people exploiters. There are people who did these things back in the day as well. People that ran the economy who farmed DMT and other places. Those people will do so in TBC as well.

TBC is not rewarding anyone that chose to spend there time making gold by what blizzard allowed them to do. What will prob end up happening is blizzard FORCING laying on servers in order to have popualtiosn average out.

This should not be a requirement for the people that play the game in a legit manner.Even if that manner was running instances or boosting people. If people want to continue on that should be there prerogative to do so and blizzard should offer that to them.

I would like for blizzard to offer a Fresh server but i would not force them to make everyone restart at level 1 or 58. People can make that choice on there own.


I think there’s a pretty big demand for Fresh Classic servers. People like the fresh because you are all leveling together at the start and it’s some of the most fun for sure.

Remember TBC has increased leveling speed with a lot more xp from quests and nerfed mobs. Leveling from fresh isn’t going to be that bad. It’s def fun playing with everyone on launch.


Well said.

A FRESH TBC experience, with accelerated 1 to 58 leveling, would be ultimate perfection.

For example, leveling a BM hunter from 1 to 58 in TBC would be an ultimate joy. Same with Warlocks… As they would get a Felguard!!


Don’t let Fourleaf see this :crazy_face:

But yeah I agree. I hope there’s at the least an option for fresh TBC servers as that is my preference.


Not gonna happen. And all this does is incite vitriol among the community. Asking for Fresh Start servers in addition to Character Progression servers is a good thing. Allows everyone to play the game the way they want to. But trying to force everyone to play the way you want is not going to go over well.


You better get use to playing Hord then, because on fresh TBC that is the only practical option for the player who wants a reasonable pool of players to play with.


Realistically if paladins dont get both seals for the races, allaince paladins will be on pve servers and all pvp servers will overflow with Belf paladins.

No… I’ve put in the work for my leveling gear and my tanking weapon that will last, at least, until black temple already. I don’t want to start off in grays. I would rather quit.

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Absolutely not. I will be playing my 60s in TBC.


In real TBC and on the private servers Seal of Command was and is a lot more commonly used in PVP by Horde paladin in arena. The only place I saw Seal of Blood commonly used was Raid.

hell no. i want my gold and already 60s to be able to just get in game when tbc comes out. i really dont want to lvl all over again when i have 2 60s. tbh, if they make you lvl 1-70 i probably wont even play.


fresh start tbc servers will be weird, but would be also interesting. It totally depends if they fix the current server situation by the time tbc roles around. There are still many overpopulated, underpopulated and crazy imbalanced servers. I don’t think they will add new servers unless they do something to the current ones first.

in tbc they actually lower the xp needed from 1-60. and they add a new neutral questing hub in dustwallow marsh.

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No, why would i play TBC only for me to progress through vanilla content again? Fresh servers will open I’m sure but for the servers that are currently available they’ll carry over those servers into TBC.

No matter what happens we are going to get those outcomes again as people Come back for TBC then leave again to go back to the live game or just quit after reaching the max level.

The question really becomes is blizzard going to be BETTER at holding the caps on servers so instead of some Super servers we have a handful. PvP world balance is something people want but in the long run, and the live servers pan this out. If the server isnt balanced It will prob become single faction.

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im aware. its still a lot of time and dedication though. 1-70 is about the same as 1-60.

You’re free to start your own character for this purpose.

I’ll be taking Fasciae into Outlands on Day 1.