Tauren Heritage Armor Unlock Question

That can’t be right. You must have read it wrong.

Because I did the BE heritage armor quest on my DK. VERY good quest series, I highly recommend it. It wasn’t just “collect 8 rabbit pelts”, it was a great history of the Race. I never knew there was a statue of Sylvanas there! lol

Anyway, I recently made a DH and… sure enough, the BE heritage armor is available to him.

You only have to unlock it ONCE. There are enough restrictions in place without thinking you need to grind it on EVERY chr that wants it.

Nagative, you just need the achievement which is account wide.


I must have worded wrong, well I did.

What I meant was that to unlock, for all of your tauren, you need to do the whole war campaign on the tauren that you are going to use to unlock for the first time the Heritage Armor.

Awesome, thanks.

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I think you only have to do the war campaign stuff (up and including “Stay of Execution”) on one toon on that faction, Tauren or not. Then of course, the Tauren you’re using for the unlock has to be at 120 and be exalted with Thunder Bluff. See this: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/news/23014436/rise-of-azshara-content-update-notes (it’s in the New Quests section)

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This is correct. You can use your main character to finish the Campaign questline, and then switch over to your Tauren and start the Heritage Armor questline.


This is what I was hoping it would be. Thanks for the clarification.

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I don’t blame you on not wanting to go through all of that again.

The amount of absolute ghastly things your strung along and forced to do is ridiculous.

Seriously, a Tauren Shaman, Grave Robbing? What in the world was blizzard thinking. I should have immediately had the option to refuse to participate, and skip that portion of the quest. I wouldn’t have even cared if I didn’t get the gold from it.


So you have to jail break the traitor for the armor set, then.


It’s a pity we don’t get to take out Nathanos or Sylvanas at the same time, but hey, work in progress.

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Quiet, you sapient hamburger.

Oh no, the barely held together zombie’s mad at me.

Thank you! Im very happy now!

Oh thank goodness. I really didn’t want to farm exalted with the honorbound and zandalar again just to get my transmog. As I’m sure a lot of people such as myself leveled up our first tauren just to get this beautiful heritage.


Yes… because my rogue was a boosted rogue when I returned to the game and I have the dwarf armor.

From May 22nd news:

Ok, level my Tauren get the war campaign done.


Well, darn.

Awesome, this is exactly what I was hoping for. =) Glad I kept digging around hah

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Thanks for the info and updates. I thought I was probably in good shape, but it’s nice to get confirmation. I also wasn’t sure if Death Knights were eligible, since we start at L55, as this is my only max-level Tauren, but it doesn’t sound like that’s a problem either.

Giving a heart because this solved a question. Now to get the War Campaign caught up on my Goblin.

Maaan, my only issue is I was a tauren and I like HM tauren too much but that heritage set is sexy (for tauren~)