Tauren Heritage Armor Unlock Question


Hey all, so I have a 120 Tauren who is Exalted with Thunder Bluff. Thing is, he is an alt, so he has almost no quest-line progression through BFA. My question is, do I need to do the War-Campaign to a certain point with him to be able to unlock the new set? I don’t really want to do it again, but if I have to do it to unlock the set I will…I can’t seem to find a definitive answer on this. Any ideas?


EDIT: “You only have to do the war campaign stuff (up and including “Stay of Execution”) on one toon on that faction, Tauren or not. Then of course, the Tauren you’re using for the unlock has to be at 120 and be exalted with Thunder Bluff.”

Confirmed by a blue post, so hopefully it’s true.


You’ll have to complete the whole campaign, including the new quests released with 8.2, ending with “Stay of Execution”.

It’s a lengthy one, and requires a lot of rep with Honorbound, so if you haven’t started on that, it will take around two or so weeks to do, depending on how gung-ho you are for grinding that rep.

(A good way to gain it is to do WQs in Kul Tiras, all of them reward some level of Honorbound rep, at least in War Mode.)


Thanks, I guess I’ll get on it! xD


I want to say you have to do specific zone quests as well? Basically whatever shows up under War Campaign whenever you push M, do whatever it tells you to do.

Wowhead and other sites are a great resource to learn where to access a quest, should it not appear right away.


Yeah, I started the War Campaign when he hit 120, but I didn’t want to pursue it again until I was pretty sure that I had to. Wish that kind of stuff was BoA…I’m an altohaulic, but after like 6x through it loses its luster to do the same time/rep gated material.

Thanks =)

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Wait, in order to unlock heritage armor, we have to have all the BFA content complete on each race we are trying to get the armor for?


To my knowledge, it’s being Exalted with TB, and completing the War Campaign in it’s entirety, in addition to completing the quest chain for the armor itself.

Gnomes aren’t required to do this, but Gnomes are kinda not nearly as relevant to BfA’s plot as Baine is.


No, just Tauren.

Everyone else just needs to be level 120 and exalted with their race.


Also can’t have level boosted or character/faction changed that toon as well or that disqualifies that toon from earning it. Though if earned on another toon he can then wear it.


No, you’re thinking of allied races.


Are you sure the same doesn’t apply to the ‘core’ races? Because that wouldn’t make much sense to not apply this rule to all races.


My Horde Paladin at one point was Tauren. I race changed him to BE just for the heritage armor. He was able to do the quest chain.


Huh, didn’t know that lol. I’ve only unlocked the heritage armors for Allied races so far so was assuming it was the same. Am leveling a Blood elf demon hunter for the Blood Elf heritage armor atm, she’s 112 and that’s good to know lol.

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I leveled through BFA, but I didn’t do the whole War campaign. I got my BE heritage armour, by just being exalted with Silvermoon, and doing the heritage armor quest.

Maybe it’s different for Taurens, but that would be odd.

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They never put allied restrictions on core races probably because some of us started leveling the core races around 15 years ago.



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It is. There is a story reason for it. It also applies to gnomes as well.


Thanks! You’re Laughing Skull vibe is sick too =D

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Hold up, I did the entire Warfront campaign on my Orc.

Are you telling me I would have to do it all again on my Tauren?

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It only disqualifies for allied races. Not base races.